Shows with characters like Eve and Villanelle

2021.09.25 01:32 CrypticWeirdo9105 Shows with characters like Eve and Villanelle

I just love them both so much, and I've found it hard to find a show with the same level of humor and wit, while still being intriguing and action-packed. I guess Russian Doll comes close; I love Nadia's personality. Maybe also Good Girls, they remind me of of Eve kind of, with their naiveness of the crime world. Why Women Kill also has that same darkly comedic vibe that I love. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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2021.09.25 01:32 skets90 Since February 18th, 67.74% of Fridays have been lower than the day before. Psychological warfare to try and FUD over the weekend. Info below

There have been 31 Fridays where the market was open since our run up from $40 on 18th Feb. 21 of those Fridays have been a lower price than the day before (67.74%). The other 10 have been either the same price as the Thursday or marginally higher (32.26%)
This was made from my mobile so I’m sorry it’s not all fancy. Plus I’m retarded.
Friday 25th Sep: $185.16 Thurs 24th Sep: $191.24
Friday 17th Sep: $204.97 Thurs 16th Sep: $206.37
Friday 10th Sep: $190.41 Thurs 09th Sep: $199.18
Friday 3rd Sep: $202.75 Thurs 2nd Sep: $213.52
Friday 27th Aug: $204.95 Thurs 26th Aug: $205.22
Friday 20th Aug: $159.30 * Thurs 19th Aug: $152.90
Friday 13th Aug: $162.52* Thurs 12th Aug: $162.35
Friday 6th Aug: $151.77 Thurs 5th Aug: $153.44
Friday 30th Jul: $ 161.12 Thurs 29th Jul: $ 164.86
Friday 23rd Jul: $ 180.36* Thurs 22nd Jul: $ 178. 85
Friday 16th Jul: $ 169.04* Thurs 15th Jul: $ 166.82
Friday 09th Jul: $ 191.23 Thurs 08th Jul: $ 192.38
Friday 2nd Jul: $ 202.83 Thurs 1st Jul: $ 204.36
Friday 25th June: $209.51 Thurs 24th June: $ 212.34
Friday 18th June: $213.82 Thurs 17th June: $223.59
Friday 11th June: $233.34 * Thurs 10th June: $220.39
Friday 04th June: $248.36 Thurs 3rd June: $258.18
Friday 28th May: $222 Thurs 27th May: $254.13
Friday 21st May: $176.79 * Thurs 20th May: $170.49
Friday 14th May: $159.92 Thurs 13th May: $164.5
Friday 07th May: $161.11 * Thurs 06th May: $161.01
Friday 30th April: $173.59 Thurs 29th April: $176.19
Friday 23rd April: $151.18 *wut Thurs 22nd April: $151.17
Friday 16th April: $154.69 Thurs 15th April: $156.44
Friday 09th April: $158.36 Thurs 08th April: $170.26
Friday 02nd April: Good Friday- Closed
Friday 26th March: $181 Thurs 25th March: $183.75
Friday 19th March: $200.27 Thurs 18th March: $201.75
Friday 12th March: $264.5 * Thurs 11th March: $260
Friday 5th March: $137.34 * Thurs 04th March: $132.35
Friday 26th Feb: $101.74 Thurs 25th Feb: $108.73
Friday 19th Feb: $40.59 Thurs 18th Feb: $40.69
Information pulled from:
Shame the FUD doesn’t work on us, we’re hyped every day! All short must close. Have a good weekend apes 🚀
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2021.09.25 01:32 ziggy110 Looking for someone/people to play

I'm bored of joining servers where there are loads of people doing their own thing. I'm fairly new to the game and know the basics so looking to play with someone/people who can teach and also have an adventure as I've never completed the game and would like to atleast once.
I'm an adult so not into griefing or trolling, I have a world and made the basics but came to a dead end as I don't know much and don't know what to do next. If anyone has a world or wants to join mine or start a new one I don't mind any.
Let me know if anyone wants to play. I'm in the UK and on usually around midnight so consider that.
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2021.09.25 01:32 EssexDJ So, anyone considering applying for the next series?

I’m seriously considering it…although I do hope the next series they choose more regular type people and not love island wannabes.
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2021.09.25 01:32 JIen_09 Suggestion for Mumbo's base: Build something inspired by the colorful hillside houses of La Trinidad, Benguet, since he wants to do a Pinoy inspired build with a colorful palette. :)

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2021.09.25 01:32 Fuzzy_Koala_3020 My maxed account was removed from the game for buying an RSN with gp.

My account 'Herbs', which had over 8000 hours of play time, was removed from the game after buying expensive rs names for 500m and 1.5b on July 20th and August 8th. I got a response on twitter from Mod Tyran claiming I spent 500m on 7/20 which was the day I bought my rsn. I have nothing to hide and have never had an offence on my account, not even an in-game mute. This raises the question of why I got removed from the game for purchasing rs names for rs gp. Is it now prohibited to spend in-game gold for in-game services? I believe this is unjust and should be investigated.
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2021.09.25 01:32 glabifrons TOTALPACK white ABS $6.99/kg in Miami (expensive shipping!)

I don't know about the quality of their ABS, but if you're in South Florida it might be worth swinging by to grab some. Last time I wanted to order from them, shipping cost (a lot) more than the filament. Thankfully I had a coworker who lives near them pick me up some spools and bring them to the office for me. I've not tried their ABS, but liked the PETG they used to carry.
Looks like they're sold out of black and only have white left. I've never seen them carry any other colors.
I have no idea why a packaging product company sells filament, but they seem to keep getting ABS. Their boxes show a long list of filament types, but when I asked about availability they didn't say anything more than they no longer sell other filaments (very terse responses, bordering on being rude). I couldn't pry anything else out of them.
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2021.09.25 01:32 OuselFallsSherpa BDOBA

Howdy y'all
Anyone done Belt Driven On Board Air in their 05+?
I'm interested, but have 0 technical know-how when it comes to this specific project and don't know what needs to be done if it's even possible.
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2021.09.25 01:32 jkuhn89 Bentofiamine side effect?

I started getting bad muscle/tendon pain about 3m ago. Feels like tendonitis in both forearms and calves, lower back pain and sometimes upper back and hip pain.
I was on quite a few supplements and stopped them all. Took a few weeks to go away.
Just started my high dose bentofiamine back up (1000mg) and there’s the pain. Not positive if this is causing it, anyone else have this reaction?
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2021.09.25 01:32 redditortoo FAQ Curtis Edward "Eddie" Smith

Curtis Edward Smith, better known as Eddie, was the accomplice in Alex Murdaugh's staged roadside shooting.
Eddie Smith television interview
Previous discussion.
Roadside shooting Arrests Megathread
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2021.09.25 01:32 SirChubzz Quick Mock Up - More Options in Addition to Outlines

Quick Mock Up - More Options in Addition to Outlines
Customizable Player Identification Concept
Why not add more options for players who prefer not to have outlines? Make it fully customizable. The entire goal is player customization so this frees up the visuals on the model for viewing. A lot of people seemingly are unhappy about the outlines/highlighting. I say don't remove it but allow players to fully customize the ID system just as they can with the HUD.
From what I've played, I'm shooting at silhouettes and colored blobs and having a difficult time telling what armor is being used or even coatings. I also have one eye that's losing vision and the outlines in combination with all the effects, other hud elements and outline crossover make it very difficult for me to pay attention to. It just looks far too busy in my opinion.
Allow people to change things like symbols, name display, color of these options, size, opacity, which team uses what such as blue diamond for team, purple triangle for enemy, even turn it off if you want to, etc.
What do others think about having fully customizable player ID?
ps. Yes new account. Just wanted to jump in the discussion as I've been playing the flight.
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2021.09.25 01:32 BostonKreem Just got another one today. One of my favorite hiphop albums. Slowly adding to my collection.

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2021.09.25 01:32 AutocorrectIsALie How good is David Thompson?

I’ve been grinding TTOff. and am pretty close to 300 hundred wins.
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2021.09.25 01:32 notsupernovabee the ACNL community is the best… let’s discuss.

sincerest apologies in advance for the tl;dr. i’d love to hear others thoughts and opinions in the comments below!
i still have never played ACNH. i was going to buy a switch during the initial NH launch, but due to the fresh covid lockdown putting me out of work for the unseeable future, it just wasn’t a viable option financially even though i had the funds at that time. but now i am so glad i waited it out.
the first animal crossing game i played was new leaf… and that wasn’t until 2019 (late, i know— lol). back in the gamecube days, i had friends who constantly told me i had to play it because i loved harvest moon 64. but i never had a gamecube and i couldn’t fathom the possibility that anything would ever top harvest moon 64… 😂😅
what peaked my interest was a youtube video by Billiam called “Animal Crossing New Leaf: a personal story” (will link at the bottom of this post). he goes into detail about his life back in 2012, being diagnosed with bone cancer & missing the last half of his senior year of high school. in june 2013 his mom surprised him with NL while he was stuck in a hospital for several weeks, finishing up his final round of chemo. god, it just tugged at my lil’ heart strings and i highly recommend you check it out.
anyway… after that video, i decided to buy the game and holy moly, it captivated me from the very moment the train scene opens up. i began joining ACNL groups on reddit. at the time, the game was essentially dead and the reddit groups were pretty barren with the release of NH approaching… however, the amount of outpouring love and support i received from people answering my questions was incredible. it was wholesome and tight knit. encountering problematic turds was sparse. it’s a rarity to find that kind of community on the internet these days… especially on reddit lol.
the whole point i’m trying to make is that while NH looked breathtaking in the teasers / trailers,… i just couldn’t believe the amount of things i loved about new leaf being removed entirely. how much it became more about aesthetics and less about the overall relationships with your villagers. the amount of content that was cut entirely. from all the reviews i’ve watched comparing NL vs NH, it is clear the game was released unfinished for the most part. and that is just so sad to me.
i’m so glad to be in groups like this one and to see that new leaf subreddits are essentially revitalized to an extent, people are still playing the game and part of great communities like this one on reddit.
i am super interested in hearing different opinions on this topic and hope this starts a neat n nifty discussion. 🙂
check out that video by Billiam:
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2021.09.25 01:32 OkJackfruit7928 Should I test him for Isabella?

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2021.09.25 01:32 theenginethatcouldnt Birthday girl!

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2021.09.25 01:32 Markus-2003 Unpopular: I have seen this video as if it were a summary of my 2019 (instead of my 2020)

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2021.09.25 01:32 neilb4me69 Existential crisis

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2021.09.25 01:32 Vegito-Simp Krillin And Vegeta Bug

Alright, I need to ask this, for anyone who’s EZA’D Krillin and Vegeta, is the dodging Wierd for you? To elaborate a little bit the Ability buff after the final stage of EZA buff’s the dodge chance to 50%. I have mine built in dodge and Crit, so I’ve got that 50% + an Additional 40%. Today I’ve been attempting the “Collection of fierce battles stage 2,” and mine just didn’t dodge like roughly 20 attacks, and I got about 5 dodges. Any thoughts?
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2021.09.25 01:32 broedtodeath [WTS] Geissele Super Gas Block - Nitrided - $75 Shipped (AL)

Title says it all, pic can be found here.
Payment is $75 shipped CONUS, PayPal F&F or G&S with buyer paying fees (no notes). If you have questions or want more pics feel free to pm me, otherwise thanks for the interest!
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2021.09.25 01:32 stella010101 Muita sacanagem o Elon Musk ter se separado da Grimes depois dela ter dado uma carreira pra ele.

Cansei de ver oportunismo dentro e fora da internet...
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2021.09.25 01:32 Actual-Bell Madness at the pumps tonight 🙄

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2021.09.25 01:32 DrOwl11 Average Canadian election

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2021.09.25 01:32 mattducz Killbox question

Hey all, I’m pretty new to the game (~40 hours…side note, love that that’s considered “new”).
I’ve been trying to go my own way for the most part, and the only basic thing I’ve yet to do is set up a decent killbox, or at least a more structured defense.
I have an open plan, so I’m thinking I’ll build a steel wall around the perimeter and a killbox within.
Question is, I started to build the wall and was wondering how friendly visitors will be able to visit? Will they be at risk of running through traps etc?
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2021.09.25 01:32 FloorBoris Milky jellies

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