FlowerPower - [VSCO]

2021.09.25 03:00 Matscarff89 FlowerPower - [VSCO]

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2021.09.25 03:00 Fine_Heart_951 Series 26

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2021.09.25 03:00 LordFarqueer Just another wonderful Friday at private EMS… we had just dropped off a 360 pounder right before this also. God damn I love American obesity rates

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2021.09.25 03:00 NicXes21 This goes out to all Protoss. Terran is coming for you. That is all. Thank you.

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2021.09.25 03:00 isendrache How many grams of psilocybe cubensis for a first experience?

I'm new to everything psychedelics and I wanted to try for the first time. I have mild depression and can't feel many emotions, I look forward to having a profound experience that changes my life and makes me a better and open minded person.
I know about the risks of taking it and about the bad trips that could happen if we're not in a good headspace, but aside all that, what is the dose to actually have that profound life changing experience?
I was thinking of taking 2 grams of dried psilocybe cubensis mushroom and just eat it raw, as a first time. Is it going be worth it?
Another question, if I take the 2 grams dose and months later take higher doses, will the experience going to be lessened by that "I already know what will happen" experience that I had with the smaller dose? (Or something like that)?

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2021.09.25 03:00 SL4YER_ Will a filling fix tooth pain caused by decay?

I'm having really uncomfortable pain and discomfort between my two bottom incisors due to me scraping of tarter at home and I can feel the decay with my tongue, I'm curious to know if a dental filling could fix this pain or is root canal only option
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2021.09.25 03:00 Retroglove What’s going on with my rims?

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2021.09.25 03:00 OpanDeluxe All P-tap/D-taps should be the same size... right?

I just bought a power accessory from Cinegears and (D-Tap) power cable won't fit into the port on my v-mount battery. The pins are too fat.
I assumed all P/D-tap plugs/ports were universal. Any ideas?
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2021.09.25 03:00 VRCbot Find Your Battle Cup Party | September 25

This thread is dedicated for you all to find a party for weekly Battle Cup.
During the event all posts about finding/forming a team will be removed to avoid spam.
This thread is only for people looking for a team, if you are forming a team simply reply to or PM anyone looking for a team that suits what you're looking for and invite them.
If you've already found a team please edit your post saying so or delete your post so no one will keep contacting you.
Sort by new to find people who just posted and is looking for a party. Suggested Format:
Steam ID:
Tier: What tier do you want to play on?
Preferred Role What positions you're comfortable playing with.
Other Information Any other info that you would like your party mates to know
If you start to love playing with a premade and in a competitive setting please check out our friends at https://www.reddit.com/compDota2
Have fun!
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2021.09.25 03:00 babycatbandit Sims won’t use the computer?!

I just started don’t sim on a freelance computer job. But for some reason he can’t use the computer, none of them can.
I tried selling the desk and chair, buying different chairs and desks, buying a different computer, moving it all to another spot, moving the things placed around it…but I just get my sim waving and a bubble showing it’s blocked.
I don’t have any mods or cc. He can sit at the chair just fine, but can’t interact with the computer at all. Help!
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2021.09.25 03:00 yuqqwechat 下一站:华为

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2021.09.25 03:00 erer1243 Currently, it's September 24, 2021 at 09:00PM

Currently, it's September 24, 2021 at 09:00PM
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2021.09.25 03:00 therealudderjuice How is Last Train to Busan?

I find myself with a free Friday night as my D&D group is not happening and I've had my eye on this movie for a while. I have to admit that I am kind of zombied out. Is this movie good enough to overcome zombie apathy? lol
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2021.09.25 02:59 Duck-Status Can I refer someone in another country?

I’m based in Canada. Can I refer someone in the UK? Thanks.
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2021.09.25 02:59 BigCheeze2K Yeeee

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2021.09.25 02:59 ghostrecruit08 Definitely queen Shriya Sharma

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2021.09.25 02:59 Achyutth_ I speak the truth

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2021.09.25 02:59 kc5f Yet another selfie from our dog Duncan 🐕

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2021.09.25 02:59 NeptuneAgency Michael Spavor, Michael Kovrig on flight returning to Canada: Trudeau | CBC News

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2021.09.25 02:59 Blue_pheonix681 Useless information #14

You’re 13.8 percent more likely to die on your birthday
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2021.09.25 02:59 SaabTheFox Drove a state over to try some of these. Happy Friday and Cheers!

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2021.09.25 02:59 turtlequrtle How to get a WA drivers license in Bellingham? (have valid IA license, lived in WA for over a year now)

I moved to WA last year from Iowa, lived in Walla Walla for a year, then moved to Bellingham for work this summer. Walla Walla DOT was closed all year, so I couldn't go in get it all done. I also worked 12 days in a row every 14 days all of last year with those 2 days off being on weekends.... so, I was really hindered.
Anywho, I've done a pre-application but when I go to make an appointment the website notifies me there is zero availability?
How does one even go about resolving this? My IA license is good for like 2 or 3 more years. I have a clean driver record, no tickets/accidents and such.
Thanks for any tips!
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2021.09.25 02:59 foxmag86 Whatever came of the Emily Noble case?

Last I heard, they found Emily Noble’s body in some woods in Westerville (I think), but I never heard or read if they solved the case.
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2021.09.25 02:59 squanchando Isso foi de minecraft a geopolítica muito rápido

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2021.09.25 02:59 cyberlube Gimme headpats or I shall curse thee~

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