Thanks again racists

2021.09.25 01:40 Viewinator Thanks again racists

Why have black people been the most racist to me out of any race. I am literally black.
90% of my interactions with black people have been bad because I 'act white'.
Great job ostracizing people who don't fit the stereotypes.
Thanks for telling me I'm not one of you since childhood when I'M LITERALLY THE SAME COLOR.
Special thanks to the black woman who dmmd after I replied to her on Instagram. All I said was there was no need to spread negativity just because the woman featured was white and she dmmed me and said "You plantation negros all look and talk the same" then called me ugly.
You wonder why progress against racism isn't making any giant leaps anymore? It's because you act like this.
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2021.09.25 01:40 konitbcvncmcfgd This is awesome! I just got it today. I bought it as a surprise for my husband.

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2021.09.25 01:40 cayanne-pepper people may have already seen this comment under funaff's breakdown of freddy and friends episode 2, but I felt with Mat talking about foxy's otherness in the newest gtlive, it was worth posting here for thoughts.

people may have already seen this comment under funaff's breakdown of freddy and friends episode 2, but I felt with Mat talking about foxy's otherness in the newest gtlive, it was worth posting here for thoughts. submitted by cayanne-pepper to GameTheorists [link] [comments]

2021.09.25 01:40 IvanRoi_ Yesterday, Master Corporal Maxime BLASCO of the Mountain Commando was killed in combat. 2 years ago, he received one of the highest French military award for saving two injuried Gazelle heli pilots by strapping them to the landing gear of a Tigre heli, while being himself wounded [900x599]

Yesterday, Master Corporal Maxime BLASCO of the Mountain Commando was killed in combat. 2 years ago, he received one of the highest French military award for saving two injuried Gazelle heli pilots by strapping them to the landing gear of a Tigre heli, while being himself wounded [900x599] submitted by IvanRoi_ to MilitaryPorn [link] [comments]

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2021.09.25 01:40 Zeldor157 If someone overdosed on pain killers what would happen?

Would they lose most feeling or would their brain go crazy to survive and start hurting immensely?
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Test Flair Response 6
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2021.09.25 01:40 greatbam22 Can someone check my sanity?

I'm struggling with this docker-compose.yml file. Any help or point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!
The actual yml I'm trying to bring up has been ran through a validator it just says:
Should be latest or almost latest version of docker and docker compose
docker-compose version 1.29.2, build 5becea4c
docker Version: 20.10.8

I'm seeing the following error when I try and run a docker-compose.yml file :

ERROR: yaml.scanner.ScannerError: while scanning a simple key
in ".\docker-compose.yml", line 25, column 1
could not find expected ':'
in ".\docker-compose.yml", line 26, column 1

The config can be found here :
I already referenced this post where someone else had the same issue :
I went and checked for non printing characters like linucksrox mentioned and :
Try running

cat -A docker-compose.yml 
which will print out all the non printing characters (tabs appear as ^I and line feeds appear as $) and just visually confirm that every line looks good.
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2021.09.25 01:40 MittensAreCute816 31 F MST - Short term or long term, 28+

Hi!! I'm looking for folks to shoot the shit with, short-term or long-term. Could just be a quick conversation tonight or something that lasts for literal years. I have met some nice folks on here that I've been friends with for well over a year now, so I know it's a thing ;) Please shoot me a message on RedditChat instead of DMs (they're a pain in the ass to deal with on mobile and I won't see 'em) and tell me what your plans are for the weekend :)
A little about me:

About you:
Miss me on these: - Anime - "Dark humor" used as an excuse to be a bad person - Anyone looking to emotionally step out on their partner. Be better.
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2021.09.25 01:40 BugsyDan_Yeet I Survived the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE in VR... This is my First VR Video, and it was a lot of fun! If you could check out the channel, that would be awesome (Super close to 100 subs!!!)

I Survived the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE in VR... This is my First VR Video, and it was a lot of fun! If you could check out the channel, that would be awesome (Super close to 100 subs!!!) submitted by BugsyDan_Yeet to AdvertiseYourVideos [link] [comments]

2021.09.25 01:40 Numerous-Ad-2239 The Return of the Gods: A Aztec Civilization.

# The complete Aztec Triad

Hello Huitzilopochtli worshippers!

Our last post depicted the Aztec first age in action; we played as Huitzilopochtli and showed you some of his mechanics. Now, before we move on into showing the second age progress we want to show the rest of Aztec Major Gods that will be available to the player. Some of you have already guessed who they are, and maybe some of you have already noticed them during the gameplay video as they appeared as some of the Major God selection options.

In today’s post, we will talk about the three Aztec Major Gods and their gameplay style. We have already talked about Huitzilopochtli in previous posts; however, we have done some slight adjustments to it and we will show them today. The two remaining Aztec Gods are of course Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca, twin brothers, and cosmos duality. In addition, each Aztec Major God will have a unique Tlatoani bonus in order to enhance and emphasize their playing style.

## Huitzilopochtli



Huitzilopochtli was the main Mexica God since he was God of war and zenith sun. He was associated with strength and war. He commanded the Mexica to daily feed him with the hearts of defeated enemies, allowing the sun to continue its cycle, therefore Mexica made plenty of enemies and went to many wars. This way life was always assured.

Huitzilopochtli will be an aggressive focused God, no peace just war, he will have different military boosts that will emphasize this strategy. Its main focus will be mythology as he can gather favor faster than other gods and haves access to minor gods which can boast this strategy.

Previously we had shown a different Huitzilopochtli image, but we do not have rights over that image. So we are now depicting a different image created by our collaborative artist Ariel Rauögrani.


* Military buildings spawn units when built
* Human military units have 10% more hit points
* Temples and altars 15% cheaper
* Sacrificed war captives generate more favor
* Military technologies and units upgrade are 15% cheaper
* Tlatoani has a special attack that allows capturing enemy units faster.

**God Power:**

*![Fire Strike s|38x38](upload://pDFcSmldMFQm93UCwAW2D4bsK0i.png) Fire strike:* Huitzilopochtli deals a fire attack damaging various units. Increases in power in following ages.


*![Flowery Wars small|38x38](upload://bKbB4sWtq5Axy9fiYesXR9mPwIr.png) Flowery wars*: Huitzilopochtli increases warriors' capture rate.

**Unique Unit:**

*![Cuachicque small|38x38](upload://n0dVin33VWXo8X5pb8x8gDLIAEW.png) Cuachicque (Shorn warrior):* Warrior armed with macuahuitl and a shield, deals area damage. Good against infantry and bonus against other cultures infantry units.


*![Wonder small|38x38](upload://eNE9MHz4EH1zD3cBKp8bLEQoHvi.png) Wonder:* Huey Teocalli

## Tezcatlipoca



Tezcatlipoca Moyocoyani was God of darkness, night, the unseen, and battle. He represented the dark side of the cosmos and was a duality to his twin brother Quetzalcoatl. As lord of war, Tezcatlipoca constantly drove humans to battle and was therefore known as the enemy of both sides. Tezcatlipoca was believed to embody the most admirable values and qualities of a warrior. He was bold and daring, yet he often used cunning to outwit his rivals.

Similar to Huitzilopochtli, Tezcatlipoca will be an aggressive focused God with different military boosts that will support this playstyle. Though different than Huitzilopochtli, his main game will be through human warriors and priests as he will have bonuses to boost this strategy.

Tezcatlipoca art has also been created by our collaborative artist Ariel Rauögrani.

Tezcatlipoca statue has been based on the Toltec Atlantean sculptures and it features some of Tezcatlipoca's most important traits, such as his facial painting, his smoking mirror and he is also missing one foot!


* Telpochcalli barracks 15% cheaper
* Priests are 10% cheaper and have 10% more hitpoints
* Telpochcalli units have 10% more attack
* Jaguar knights have 20% more HP
* In water scenarios grants an Acihuatl (mermaid) once a dock is built.
* Tlatoani and warrior priests can summon free shadow undead warriors.

**God Power:**

*![Decoy s|38x38](upload://yVX3q0m9nlFZbrtZSPZQkzYVzU.png) Decoy:* target some of your units to create shadow clones to fool enemy units, grants more in following ages.


*![Smoking mirror s|38x38](upload://iRSVCSm3iCdRyJKEKOLupgAlkWM.png) Smoking mirror:* Tezcatlipoca grants his smoking mirror to your priests and Tlatoani increasing their line of sight and speed.

**Unique Unit:**

*![Skull knight s|38x38](upload://sPjT47wxOSWXadfglk38XjRi8S8.png) Skull knight:* Armed with a halberd, strong against cavalry and buildings. Receives a bonus against other culture's buildings and cavalry.


*![Wonder small|38x38](upload://eNE9MHz4EH1zD3cBKp8bLEQoHvi.png) Wonder:* Warriors Palace

## Quetzalcoatl

![Az Quetzalcoatl|162x162, 100%](upload://yARQ4xl2VEOqNXlZTtqICyGKifm.png)


Quetzalcoatl was arguably Mesoamerica's most important God. He was God of life, light, knowledge, and virtue. He was one of the primigenial Gods, he created earth and life on it. He created men and always loved them, Quetzalcoatl gave humanity many gifts such as corn, alcoholic drinks, knowledge, and the ability to love.

In contrast to Huitzilopochtli and Tezcatlipoca, Quetzalcoatl is not meant to be an aggressive war, God. His playstyle will be more focused on the economy and defense. So this God will offer a completely different way of playing the Aztec civilization.

Displayed Quetzalcoatl art will not be the final one. We’ll use this one to illustrate until we get one of our own.

Quetzalcoatl statue has been based on elements from different Mesoamerican cultures, such as the Quetzalcoatl heads from Teotihuacan and the Quetzalcoatl temple reliefs at Xochicalco. It is represented by his most famous form, as a Serpent all covered with feathers.


* Calmecac units cost 15% less
* Eagle knights have 15% more attack.
* Peasants have 20% more hit points
* Grants a Quetzal explorer bird once a temple has been built.
* Tlatoani can act as a villager collecting resources and inspiring nearby villagers.

**God Power:**

*![Great abundance s|38x38](upload://vq7G71T932SGFbJF1WjYd5ZCOy8.png) Great abundance*: Quetzalcóatl grants prosperity to one economic building increasing resources obtained.


*![Huehuetlahtolli s|38x38](upload://sXY2j3nijj9E21I8MhL9xhGumO4.png) Huehuetlahtolli:* Quetzalcoatl *increases Tlatoani gathering rate. He also unlocks one additional technology per age.*

*![Gift of corn s|38x38](upload://190ZQxUurKzwckSQM6a4W3YB2Zt.png) Gift of corn:* Available in Archaic age after researching Huehuetlahtlolli. Quetzalcoatl gives corn to your people allowing the construction of farms in age I and slightly decreasing their cost.

*![Coatepantli Wall s|38x38](upload://aMDqKjXov4XhH5Isl9NfZIHb3Jm.png) Coatepantli Wall:* Available in Classical age after researching Huehuetlahtlolli. Quetzalcoatl teaches the construction of sacred serpent walls turning your walls into Coatepantli walls with more Hitpoints and better resistance.

*![Zealotry|38x38](upload://q0mGh5qb3mDLHq6A0cLs3FGRS6a.png) Zealotry:* Available in Heroic age after researching Huehuetlahtlolli. Increases the combat abilities and movement speed of Villagers, but reduces their gathering capacity, this allows for a villager rush strategy.

*![No more sacrifices|38x38](upload://k8RP0CgioedhulJvG2kJlnH8UIY.png) No more sacrifices:* Available in Mythic age after researching Huehuetlahtlolli. Quetzalcoatl prohibits human sacrifices. Warriors won’t generate any more war captives, existing war captives will be turned into villagers. Favor will now be generated in worshiping in temples just like Greeks do.

**Unique Unit:**

Feathered Serpent warrior: Ranged unit effective against other ranged units and villagers. Bonus against other cultures ranged units. (Please note that this unit final version might change)


*![Wonder small|38x38](upload://eNE9MHz4EH1zD3cBKp8bLEQoHvi.png) Wonder:* Great Temple of Quetzalcoatl

Hello our faithful and loyal mod supporters!

Time has passed since our last mod update, and we know many of you are eager for news and mod updates. Recently a number of our team members have had real-life difficulties that have slowed us down, so still considerably less progress than we would have liked.

We have mainly focus on fixing and correcting some issues we had with the Aztec first age, one of the most noticeable changes is the change of age1 roofs in order to keep more consistency with following ages.


We have also been doing considerable progress with the Aztec age II which we hope to make another video soon that showcases the new additions!

Here are is a little age2 teaser screenshot


And also the sketches of some of our age2 minor gods, these will give you an idea of how their art will look like! you may guess who they are!

![minor gods](upload://9jKRBPPjaqQ3dUX8VMOuhxFMCsf.png)


## Aztec Second Age in Sight!


Hello faithful Quetzalcoatl worshippers!

Our last post was about letting you know that we are not dead, and we are still working on this mod. Since our last gameplay post, we have been progressing and we are now ready and excited to share with you!

This update will not cover anything related to mythology (minor gods, myth units, god powers, or myth techs) that will be covered on a future update, for now, will only explain the general culture aspects that are shared by all Aztec Major Gods. All of these features will be shown on a future gameplay video.

### ![marker|17x21](upload://vYDEwYNXvmknxYqn200k0esEZst.png) Buildings

The following buildings will become available to the Aztecs in the Classical Age

***Youths’ Barracks -*** The Youths’ Barracks is the first of the Aztec military buildings. It becomes available in the classical age. It will allow the creation of cheap and fast training units to be used mainly during the early stages of the game.

Age: II / Cost: 75 wood 25 gold / HP: 1200

Aztec Youths’ Barracks in-game:



This is not exactly an Aztec building, but a Mesoamerican one, which means it will be shared with the Mayans. Tianguis is a small and cheap market that allows selling and purchasing resources as well as purchasing basic captives and turkeys. It doesn’t replace the market and cannot create or receive caravan units. But will have an interesting role in supporting Mayan and Aztec gameplay

Age: II / Cost: 100 wood / HP: 900

Aztec Tianguis in-game


Craftsmen Guild

The Craftsmen Guild is the unique Mesoamerican armory building; its distinctive feature is that this building combines the siege works and armory functions. Aztecs and Mayans will train their siege units from this building and they will also research their military technologies from here. Additionally, Mesoamerican civilizations will have a different way of upgrading the attack and armor of their units, instead of having three technologies per age, Craftsmen Guild will have 4 per age as melee and ranged units will improve their hack attack and defense through separate technologies, this system works similar to the AoK blacksmith technologies.

Craftsmen Guild technologies will be as follow


Age: Cost: 175 HP: 1300

Aztec Craftsmen Guild in-game

[![craftsmen guild|816x667](upload://1KqGkun3tvJEIUV8dGs45FqVIH9.png)](

### ![marker|17x21](upload://vYDEwYNXvmknxYqn200k0esEZst.png) Units

The following units will become available to the Aztecs in the Classical Age

***Youths’ Barracks***

**Tlamanih Spearmen**: The most basic military unit, armed with a spear and a shield to counter cavalry. A cheap unit that is easy to mass, it is strong against cavalry units and weak against archers and hand infantry units.

Population cost: 2 / Hack damage: 5 / Pierce damage: 0 / Hack armor: 40% / Pierce armor: 20%

Age: II / Cost: 45 food 15 gold / HP: 65 / Speed: 4.52 /Trained: Youths Barracks

Tlamanih Spearman in-game (left: unupgraded, right medium Tlamanih Spearman)


Tequihuah **Archer**: Cheap ranged archer unit armed with a bow, good against infantry. Effective against infantry units but weak against cavalry and runner units.

Population cost: 2 / Hack damage: 0 / Pierce damage: 6 / Hack armor: 15% / Pierce armor: 15% / range: 14

Age: II / Cost: 60 wood 30 gold / HP: 60 / Speed: 3.74 /Trained: Youths Barracks

Tequihuah Archer in-game (left: unupgraded, right medium tequihuah archer)


Papalotl **Runner**: Armed with a cuahuitl and little armor has great speed and is good for fighting archers and light infantry. Weak against heavy and hand infantry.

Population cost: 2 / Hack damage: 8 / Pierce damage: 0 / Hack armor: 15% / Pierce armor: 35%

Age: II / Cost: 30 food 50 gold / HP: 85 / Speed: 5.55 /Trained: Youths Barracks

Papalotl Runner in-game (left: unupgraded, right medium Papalotl Runner)



**War captive:** besides being obtained through war and fighting, simple war captives can be purchased at the Tianguis for a price of gold. They will be produced really slowly, so the main way of acquiring captives is through battle but Tianguis can play a slight support role in getting them.

Cost: 70 gold / Grants: 7 favor / HP: 100 / Speed: 3.60

War captive in-game:


Turkey: Turkeys will be found as herdable animals in Mesoamerican maps, they can also be purchased at the Tianguis for 50 food and fatten over to reach a maximum food value of 225. Turkeys fatten 10% faster than regular animals upon researching husbandry so they can be an important food source driving the Aztec war machine.

Cost: 50 food / Grants: 225 food / HP: 20 / Speed: 2.50

Turkeys in-game


***Craftsmen Guild***

**Siege ladder**: Siege ladders are early Aztec siege weapons, their purpose is to unload foot soldiers beyond enemy walls, enabling troops to quickly penetrate an enemy settlement. They work basically the same as AoE II siege ladders.

Population cost: 1 / Hack damage: 0 / Pierce damage: 0 / Hack armor: 5% / Pierce armor: 99%

Age: II / Cost: 175 wood 50 gold / HP: 175 / Trained: Crafstmen guild

Siege ladder in game:


And before you start writing anything about historical accuracy here is a [reference]( to siege ladders being used in Mesoamerican warfare.


**War canoe**: war canoes are the Aztec arrow ships and is are available from the Dock, unlike other cultures arrow ships, war canoes are smaller, cheaper and weaker, they can be easily massed.

Population cost: 2 / Hack damage: 0 / Pierce damage: 4x3 / Hack armor: 20% / Pierce armor: 30%

Age: II / Cost: 60 wood 30 gold / HP: 200 / Speed: 6.0 /Trained: Dock

### ![marker|17x21](upload://vYDEwYNXvmknxYqn200k0esEZst.png) Gallery

Here is a little gallery featuring some Aztec age II buildings and units




![Quetz village|1026x687](upload://spdA7yiOj7MCVVKIwsFupAIdhSo.png)

![huitz village|1527x594](upload://65LSgNPRZ5OlSi0DVBw7Itx9v7p.png)


## Classical age Aztec gods!


Hello Folks!

Our last post depicted general features, units and buildings that will become available to the Aztecs in the second age. Now, before submitting the second age gameplay video we want to show the Aztec minor gods that will be available to the player in order to reach the classical age.

Just note that god powers are not enabled in the current game version, those we will do at the very end, and so for now you will only see the current god power ideas that these gods will eventually have. The god’s art shown is original art for this project and the final art that will be portrayed in-game.

### ![marker|17x21](upload://vYDEwYNXvmknxYqn200k0esEZst.png) Coyolxauhqui


Goddess of the moon and the Milky Way galaxy and sister of Huitzilopochtli and the Centzon Huitznahua. Coyolxahuqui is most famous for leading her 400 brothers to kill her mother after learning she was pregnant with Huitzilopochtli. In-game, Coyolxahuqui focuses on improvements that benefit your myth units; she is available to worshipers of Huitzilopochtli and Tezcatlipoca.

**God Power:**

***Jaguar night:*** night falls and a group of fierce jaguars appears attacking nearby units.

**Myth Unit:**

***![huitznahua|38x38](upload://ostOmzDjimSar1APWJPQ02mlv8D.png) Huitznahua:*** Celestial warriors whose strength increases in larger numbers.

Population cost: 2 / Hack damage: 9 / Pierce damage: 0 / Hack armor: 45% / Pierce armor: 40%

Age: II / Cost: 96 gold 9 favor / HP: 200 / Speed: 3.90 /Trained: Temple

Huitznahua in game:



***![southernsstar|38x38](upload://kP3ZCcWUmyBvwR4k9WZRmMIbPXf.png) Southern stars:*** upgrades huitznahua to centzon huitznahuac with more speed and hp

***![Moon cycles|38x38](upload://2SvGqaD3FPgOQt3FOGIp0C6uZew.png) Moon cycles:*** Coyolxauhqui teaches the moon cycles reducing myth units favor cost.

***![celestial heart|38x38](upload://so5RCB9wEJ0CGRPB1vEM0jDfzxc.png) Celestial heart:*** increases the hit points of all myth units.

### ![marker|17x21](upload://vYDEwYNXvmknxYqn200k0esEZst.png) Huehueteotl


One of the oldest and most important deities of Mesoamerica, Huehueteotl was revered as the god of fire. Huehueteotl was also associated with purification, transformation, and regeneration. His improvements aid your economy, he is available through worshipping Huitzilopochtli and Quetzalcoatl.

**God Power:**

***![Hand of Xiuhtecutli|38x38](upload://obGsvc3ybED6buaMLDVkpRmxLd7.png) Hand of Xiuhtecutli:*** target an area of the map, a circular firewall appears that heal allied units and damages enemies.

***Myth Unit:***

***![Yahui|38x38](upload://mFckqfVGEuy5MaKLPx29V6UE4io.png) Yahui:*** Fire serpent that breathes fire and does high damage to buildings.

Population cost: 4 / Hack damage: 20 / crush damage: 4 / Pierce damage: 0 / Hack armor: 40% / Pierce armor: 60%

Age: II / Cost: 250 food 20 favor / HP: 375 / Speed: 3.80 /Trained: Temple

Yahui in game:



***![sacredflames|38x38](upload://4HCZTcTauwlsCmywyTHWsPBikEC.png) Sacred Flames:*** Upgrades Yahui into Sacred Yahui with higher resistance and siege attack.

***![goldsmith|38x38](upload://aNU9IVNymZdiDIm9pFvFFxF5b8K.png) Goldsmith:*** increases gold mining gathering rate.

***![greatmarket|38x38](upload://ajsMGR4sx1MlXKwtkIlSvnkIURH.png) Great Market:*** Improves markets and tianguis exchange rate.

***![newfireceremnoy|38x38](upload://yg3YrPkEjpd4TIykZLHkuQNPBzg.png) New Fire Ceremony:*** slightly increases all food gathering rate.

### ![marker|17x21](upload://vYDEwYNXvmknxYqn200k0esEZst.png) Xolotl

Brother of Quetzalcoatl, god of knowledge and guider of souls. Xolotl was considered to be a friend of men as he provided them with the fire of wisdom. His improvements strengthen your warriors; he is available to worshipers of Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca.

Xolotl art is not ready yet, but it will be soon!

**God Power:**

***![warriorsblessing|38x38](upload://qs5QWapIxrFl0cA5VfnwjpfNgFV.png) Warrior Blessing*:** blesses a group of warriors upgrading their ranks.

***Myth Unit:***

***![ahuizotl|38x38](upload://vOTGSXCGkQlg35wDboy3iNWubT6.png) Ahuizotl***: amphibious monster dog which regenerates hit points.

Population cost: 3 / Hack damage: 15 / Pierce damage: 0 / Hack armor: 55% / Pierce armor: 45%

Age: II / Cost: 215 wood 16 favor / HP: 400 / Speed: 4.30 /Trained: Temple and Dock

Ahuizotl in game:


***![axolotl|38x38](upload://ub5ckasNOF7N5kwXyzaPCNaWeLa.png) Axolotl***: aquatic support creature which can heal units but deals no damage.

Population cost: 1 / Hack damage: 0 / Pierce damage: 0 / Hack armor: 25% / Pierce armor: 30%

Age: II / Cost: 100 food 9 favor / HP: 150 / Speed: 5.50 /Trained: Dock

Axolotl in game:



***![sacreddogs|38x38](upload://kYQYi95BruNbhvtfWuHsICcrLj0.png) Sacred dogs:*** Xólotl reduces the cost of training Xoloitzcuintles and

***![Tepeyollotlspirit|38x38](upload://9VrtVgHn3J8LMpoebjZkacOu8Yp.png) Tepeyollotl Spirit***: the god of earthquakes grants his strength to your warriors increasing Youths’ Barracks units hit points.

***![mixcoatl arrow|38x38](upload://jcflJRuIcLlSBDDzDZoGE4iZSTC.png) Mixcoatl arrows:*** the old god of war and hunt grants his arrows increasing archers and war canoes pierce damage.


[![2nd age|517x291](upload://wqIBw16TWDvzZVbxQCjkTlY7dLn.png)](

Hello, our faithful Huitzilopochtli worshippers! Finally, after a long wait, the official Aztec second-age gameplay video is here! This video shows the mechanics that we have been showing on previous posts, but now in real action!

P.S. we are already working on the Aztec 3rd age, here are a couple teaser screenshhots on how it's looking so far :)

![ageIII teaser1|399x259](upload://DuO962FgOZhRQaLM0fWCiei586.png)

![ageIII teaser2|396x322](upload://1MYIzBfUV27I4A3wBe4cBNMfTS4.png)

![image|690x389, 75%](upload://gt6iugemWte1iVi2mcyX9JAZ1gR.jpeg)

**Do you think the Aztecs will work in competitive mode?**
[poll name=poll2 type=regular results=always chartType=bar]
* Yes
* No

**What would you like more in campaign mode**
[poll name=poll3 type=regular results=always chartType=bar]
* A short and well structured campaign, well-crafted characters.
* A campaign with many scenarios, fun no matter the development of the characters.
* A campaign in a large open world scenario, which you can play with your friends in multiplayer.

**What other culture would you like ?**
If you have questions or recommendations, leave them in the comments.
Enjoy and see you next time!
~The Return of the Gods Team
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2021.09.25 01:40 Mirage_Main If anyone needs it, there’s one of those rare Apple FireWire/USB Y Cables for sale on Mercari

The Apple branded ones seem to be extremely rare or going for £55+ at all times. Ran across one whilst skimming Mercari for a bargain lol. It’s currently at $35 and brand new in box apparently. Not sure if anyone here is searching for one.
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2021.09.25 01:40 SeaworthinessSome647 Need a few more for mega houndoom 6455 0110 5484

Be online
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2021.09.25 01:40 A-Shropshire-Lad Bush seeds

Does anyone know where I can get a few pretty average bush seeds (seeds that don’t really have known special genetics or whatever) just for an outdoor grow. Basically asking if there anywhere I can get some average seeds a bit cheaper
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2021.09.25 01:40 Poketrader_moon I hate people who do this broh

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2021.09.25 01:40 AppointmentOk1827 New Script

Hi everyone. I know there are currently not many members but I’m hoping those of you who search this up like I did will see this and know it’s not dead.
I got my Phexxi script today! I’ve had a diagnostic laparoscopy, I have 28 ovarian cysts, and I’ve been on hormonal birth control including the pill and Mirena IUD for a combined 5 years nonstop. I’m personally done with hormones for my body and I am beyond excited that this option exists.
Effectiveness: perfect use is 93% practical use is 86% (just one percent lower than condoms) which means my partner and I who cannot afford children will be using the Fertility Awareness Method, once I have a regular cycle again and the withdrawal method in combination until then.
Side effects: basically irritation effects but I would maybe consider a dry run on yourself to see if you have any issues before adding a partner. Also make sure they’re aware they may have sensitivity issues as well.
How many can you use in a day: unlimited according to a pharmacist BUT you might personally feel “full” after a few.
Antibiotics/other medicine: This is a great thing, I take lots of other medicine for chronic conditions AND I was told there are NO known negative mixes with other drugs since it is non hormonal and a local drug. You can use this while on antibiotics or other medicines that may interferes with “typical” BC.
Cost: $267 for 12 with no insurance. I have Medicare in the US and it was covered for free with refills. (My plan is Molina if you have that option)
Questions: commment and I will text my gynecologist or pharmacist through my office app and I can post their response in a screenshot for you.
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2021.09.25 01:40 Kristofaaah New Solana NFT Project War Pandas releasing at 10,000 members! + to be featured on the main NFT page! Huge marketing budget and celebrity influencers lined up! Twitter : @WarPandasNFT Check out our Twitter for daily updates & disc/website info!

New Solana NFT Project War Pandas releasing at 10,000 members! + to be featured on the main NFT page! Huge marketing budget and celebrity influencers lined up! Twitter : @WarPandasNFT Check out our Twitter for daily updates & disc/website info! submitted by Kristofaaah to Gardens [link] [comments]

2021.09.25 01:40 SnowyObj Gross average monthly salaries and Net average monthly salary across the E.U.

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2021.09.25 01:40 vibinggrass How True Is Being A Different Person In A Decade?

I'm about to turn 20 tomorrow. I've already have my goals, ambitions, career path, interests, etc. Alot of people tell me that I would not be the same same I was 20 when I am 30. How true is that? I would like to keep my current love & passion for running, keeping my interests in pursuing higher education, write & publish papers, and keep my ambitions to reach my academic & athletic goals. I'm kinda scared for the future as I keep hearing people that they were not the same person as they were years ago. I want to keep my interests alive & determined, but mature more. I believe I'm already more mature than most 20 year old university students. I don't drink, do drugs or anything like that. I just focus & do my thing.
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