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Kik maribelsal

2021.10.21 01:17 Upstairs-Ad-4899 Kik maribelsal

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2021.10.21 01:17 Glarkin42 You shouldn't have sex with a person you don't want to have a kid with.

If men and women limited who they had sex with to the people who they are OK having kids with the world would be vastly better off. Birth control and the concept of "reproductive rights" completely destroyed higher level thought processes that use to go into choices involving sex and removed the above question from the decision making.
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2021.10.21 01:17 Hlr8347 Too Much Too Fast?

I had an experience at work that triggered an acute ptsd episode. It got bad fast and I couldn’t find a therapist or psychiatrist taking new patients after weeks of searching. Finally one night I took myself to the psych er and the put me on prizosin to combat the nightmares/nighttime flashbacks. Well as it turns out when you voluntarily take yourself to the ER you get to the top of the list for finding a dr.
I did the intake the next day and it took 3 hours and I came out with an unexpected diagnosis, my wrap sheet has always been MDD GAD and PTSD. Well guess what. I don’t have GAD, I have flipping ADHD. Based on my combination of diagnoses I was to decrease my Zoloft from 200 down to 100mg/day. He also added bupropion xl 150 for three days, then 300mg for three days to 450mg. He also added trazodone for the insomnia and wants me to increase my prizosin however we need to wait for the bupropion to bring my BP back up to a normal level.
So I feel like I’m on relatively high doses based on what I’ve been able to research. The first day at 450 was BAD. You name a side effect and I have/had it. The worst for me being the intense migraines combined with dizzy and light headed and loud running in my ears. Also, has anyone else needed to start treating food as medicine you have to force yourself to take?
Anywho thanks for making it to the end and I’d I’ve to know if you increased as rapidly as me and if you had severe side effect; when did the side effects stop being so intense? I keep hearing wonderful things about this medicine but right now I’m still skeptical.
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2021.10.21 01:17 Obewyn Decarbonizing industries with connectivity and 5G

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2021.10.21 01:17 Linea_Dow For the Christian (or atheist) in your life. Once they see it, they will never be the same.

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2021.10.21 01:17 BlackberryObjective5 Question

What is preventing the creators of cryto like doge, shib, etc from burning every coin that isn’t owned by someone or in a wallet?
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2021.10.21 01:17 KayBeaux No shinies even with shiny charm.

Hi everyone. I’ve put 475 hours into Pokemon Sword. My dex is complete, and I have had the shiny charm for over six months, yet still haven’t had a single shiny encounter. Tips appreciated.
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2021.10.21 01:17 Sebaslr6 why the internet on my new NUC computer with Intel(R) Wireless-AC 9560 160MHz is so slow?

I spend all my money on a new intel nuc8i7BELS computer so i can produce my music without problems but now i can't dowload anything because the wifi is slow af and i don't know why...
Is enough to open simple web pages on my browser but is super slow when i download things, the velocity si constantly changing, 3 hour ago it was downloading 300kps then like 20kps and now is almost reaching teh 500kps but it have serious fluctuations all the time.
On my old laptop i don't have this problem, the internet is normal and i can download at 1mbps almost all the time but my laptop is useless for music production because of his processor.
i already installed, desinstalled and installed again the drivers, i restarted my modem and i tried to modify all the advanced settings of the wifi adapter but nothing seems to make a difference.
i'm loosing my mind, i'm in debt because of this computer but i can't make the wifi works fine and i don't want to buy a huge ethernet cable and loose the wifi function...
It was a rainy day and at nights my connection is less stable but this is no normal and my laptop works just fine.
My conection is 2.4 btw.
Please help me...
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2021.10.21 01:17 lha1107 Biden’s DOJ Refused To Arrest Man Who Threatened To Kill Matt Gaetz And Traveled To D.C., Gaetz Claims

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2021.10.21 01:17 Morgan-992 WHY OUR CUSTOMERS LOVES IT ?! Super Easy to use - Just draw the eyeliner on and the magnetic lashes will stick right to the liner. Refreshingly simple. Comfortable - They’re lightweight and flexible — no crusty feeling every time you wink! Seriously fast - They’re quicker than putting on mascara

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2021.10.21 01:17 Adam-best Silicone Thumb Knife Finger Protector Easy & Instant Cutting - No knife or scissors needed! The Arc Blade allows you to effortlessly cut the stems off the plants with one hand while either pruning or picking fruit. Saves time and boosts productivity! Durable & Comfortable - Made of premium rubbe

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2021.10.21 01:17 Obewyn Celebrating the Journey into Cybersecurity: Movies, Military, and Dance Parties

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2021.10.21 01:17 imfamous_grumps [H] futo,herb ripper,Omni xl condenser, purple ti tip [W] PPG&S

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2021.10.21 01:17 DeliciousIsopod6561 Drake the type of guy to bathe like this

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2021.10.21 01:17 octavia90210 Nobel peace prize

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2021.10.21 01:17 Mavmaramis Alan Frank, Galactic Aliens, Chartwell Books, 19792. Illustrated by Colin Blackhouse, Alan Daniels, Bob Fowke, Colin Hay, Stuart Hughes, Peter Knifton, Angus McKie, Terry Oakes and Tony Roberts.

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2021.10.21 01:17 HappyLittleTrees17 What are the BEST brands of watercolor paints?

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2021.10.21 01:17 _Qwaz only 17.8% of you will laugh

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2021.10.21 01:17 Hallonsorbet All comers list - thoughts?

To preface, I'm not a competitive player. I've agreed to a friendly 2k game but we've also agreed to pick out our "s tier lists" (whatever that means haha). We've also agreed to try and make our lists as if we were using them in a tournament, meaning we don't tailor our lists against each other. He's playing Tyranids, and I know that I will likely face 12 hive guards and two exocrines and so on. I will still aim at having this list be an all comer list.
I normally being my nightbringer but I've opted not to, because he still feels like a trap. He normally kills a couple of units and then doe spectacularly in turn 2 or 3, and while he is fun he also feels a bit underwhelming (for his points).
My plan is basically this. Have a strong center with the overlord, Lychguard and one unit of warriors (flayers) march up to hold one or two objectives in the center-ish (depending on the mission ofc). Then have the skorpekh lord and chronomancer together with both destroyer units and the reaper warriors hold one flank. The chronomancer can jump with the veil and bring the reaper warriors with him, to either grab an objective or to wreak havoc on a unit somewhere. Scarabs and cryptothralls hold backline objectives and/or screen for smites as needed. Finally, the Spyder will hang out near the middle to try and get the odd deny off.
Thoughts? :)
++ Battalion Detachment 0CP (Necrons) [100 PL, 7CP, 2,000pts] ++
+ Configuration +
Battle Size [12CP]: 3. Strike Force (101-200 Total PL / 1001-2000 Points)
Detachment Command Cost
Dynasty Choice: Circumstance of Awakening: Relentlessly Expansionist, Dynastic Tradition: Rad-Wreathed, Dynasty:
+ No Force Org Slot +
Bound Creation [2 PL, 40pts]
. Cryptothralls
. . 2x Cryptothrall: 2x Scouring Eye, 2x Scythed Limbs
Viral Construct [1 PL, 15pts]: Canoptek Plasmacyte
+ HQ +
Chronomancer [4 PL, -1CP, 90pts]: Dynastic Heirlooms, Entropic Lance, Relic: Veil of Darkness
Overlord [6 PL, -2CP, 130pts]: Hand of the Phaeron, Relic: Orb of Eternity, Resurrection Orb, Warlord, Warlord Trait (Codex 5): Implacable Conqueror (Aura), Warscythe
Skorpekh Lord [7 PL, -2CP, 130pts]: Dynastic Heirlooms, Rarefied Nobility, Relic: Nanoscarab Casket, Warlord Trait (Codex 1): Enduring Will
+ Troops +
Immortals [4 PL, 85pts]: 5x Immortal, Tesla Carbine
Necron Warriors [12 PL, 260pts]
. 20x Necron Warrior (Gauss Flayer): 20x Gauss Flayer
Necron Warriors [12 PL, 260pts]
. 20x Necron Warrior (Gauss Reaper): 20x Gauss Reaper
+ Elites +
Canoptek Spyders [4 PL, 75pts]
. Canoptek Spyder: Gloom Prism, Two Particle Beamers
Lychguard [14 PL, 280pts]: 10x Lychguard
. Hyperphase Sword and Dispersion Shield
Skorpekh Destroyers [10 PL, 210pts]
. 2x Skorpekh Destroyer (Reap-Blade): 2x Hyperphase Reap-Blade
. 4x Skorpekh Destroyer (Thresher): 4x Hyperphase Threshers
+ Fast Attack +
Canoptek Scarab Swarms [2 PL, 45pts]
. 3x Canoptek Scarab Swarm: 3x Feeder Mandibles
Canoptek Scarab Swarms [2 PL, 45pts]
. 3x Canoptek Scarab Swarm: 3x Feeder Mandibles
Canoptek Scarab Swarms [4 PL, 75pts]
. 5x Canoptek Scarab Swarm: 5x Feeder Mandibles
+ Heavy Support +
Lokhust Destroyers [16 PL, 260pts]
. 4x Lokhust Destroyer: 4x Gauss Cannon
. Lokhust Heavy Destroyer (Gauss Destructor)
++ Total: [100 PL, 7CP, 2,000pts] ++
Created with BattleScribe
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2021.10.21 01:17 ClarityVerity egg_irl

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2021.10.21 01:17 montbon Wow- men are trash.

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2021.10.21 01:17 slopartist I cant run far enough away...

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2021.10.21 01:17 Obewyn Red Hat Security Advisory 2021-3886-01 – Torchsec

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2021.10.21 01:17 BoofingJenkem See you tomorrow

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2021.10.21 01:17 SHAVEMYMEAT I am allowed to do. I do not do and criticize

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