Is there to make your crush like you back?

2021.10.21 02:47 Snaillicious Is there to make your crush like you back?

I have a mega crush on my friend and I would say we are in the middle of normal friends and close friends because I just met him not to long ago in biology class but we already talk a lot even outside of school but the thing is I really doubt he likes me… some example are he literally told me today that he would ship me with someone and when my other friend says the me and my crush act like a married couple he said he was gonna kill her but in a silly not serious way but I really really like him and I feel we’re just really compatible too
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2021.10.21 02:47 Alex_Dik_Web _Alekseevna_ [7] - BongaCams Webcam Model

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2021.10.21 02:47 TitusPhuck I am the man of constant sorrow.

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2021.10.21 02:47 TumultuousToe Heyo guys, ITSSSSSSS YOURRR BOIIIIIII FattyBoiGamer69420 Back at it again with another POG VIdeo on the Top 10 ways to get sweaty in Footnite!!!! Lesssss gooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and don't forget to smash that like button just like I smashed YOUR MOM.
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2021.10.21 02:47 Wellow_Fellow I’m beginning to resent this new place I’ve moved to

I moved to a small town far from family and from my hometown. I took the opportunity after getting my 2 year technical diploma to just follow where the wind took me and ended up in this quaint little town that’s in an absolutely gorgeous area. But the job I took while definitely tough, isn’t the worst job in the world and I get paid decent. I feel like such an outcast here though, where I feel like no matter how hard I try to put myself out there and go to communal gatherings, casual sports teams, and games nights with people or even parties, no one gives a shit about who I am or why I remain here, I’m just kinda this guy that doesn’t know all the people in the talks they share or the memories they all have, and if it’s not that then it’s just gossip about other people and depreciating the value of other people. Most have stayed for years at this town and there are few other than me that have come in the past year. It’s been about 6 months and this feeling arises every once in a while that I’m just this blah while everyone else constantly shares past things with each other. It’s like joining a friend group that doesn’t want anyone else to join but it’s this whole @#$&ing town. They’re nice on the surface, but that’s as far as the relationships go, skin deep and then here I am by myself again, which I’m a person that always has many hobbies and things going on even still, but of course having people you love and trust is kinda the backbone of the human experience so feeling like I’m just this nuisance in many people eyes starts to get to you after 6 months with no real change.
I’m wrapped in a year lease which I could probably sublet fairly easy and then some commitments to the company paying for some of my certifications and whatnot so I could move again without THAT much of a big deal but I don’t want to feel like a coward that’s given up so easily on something, so I’ve told myself I at least need to stick it out for the year because everything but the social aspect and some of the requirements for the job are pretty awesome (I have access to the ocean, backroads and beaches, and mountains in the distance, it doesn’t get much more picturesque as long as you like the rain). I’m definitely living life pretty easy outside of my 50hr work week and can’t complain compared to most others on this entire planet, but even still, it’s hard to perk yourself up sometimes. I’ve volunteered in 3rd world countries and the people who are dirt poor are still inspiringly happy with family and a sense of community or other relationships. So without that, I’m beginning to resent this place and the people in it,even though that’s not my intent or desire at all, I just want friends pretty much haha. But I’m sure many people share this experience,but @#$& it sucks sometimes, especially after no whisper of hope after 6 months.
Thanks for reading my rant about my petty issues. Any suggestions for continuing to cope in this situation is welcome.
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2021.10.21 02:47 Spinindyemon It’s rather sad and scary that the closest thing to a magical girl emotional support/advocacy group was a magical girl supremacist death cult

Granted, we now have the more benevolent Kamihama Magia Union working to expand the anti-witch Doppel barrier and provide mutual aid for magical girls, however until the KMU was formed, the Wings of Magius was the only organization to try to make things better for magical girls everywhere.
As we’ve seen being a magical girl isn’t just a dangerous job it’s a thankless and lonely one too as poor Mami could attest to. You can’t tell your nonmagical family and friends about your MG life since they would think you crazy and even if they didn’t it’s not like they could understand what you’re going through. You can’t confide in fellow MGs due to the finiteness of grief seeds causing competition. Then there’s the soul gem and witch reveals leading to existential crises for girls as they ponder whether they can still be considered human as well whether their struggles and pain were worth it if they’re just doomed to become the things they fight. And since those facts are relatively unknown to most MGs, those who do know the truth can’t look to other MGs for support since they’d either be labeled as liars or they end up driving other girls crazy as seen in PMMM timeline 3. So far the only recourse appears to be death which Mami & Suzune attempted to do to other girls. Even Madokami’s actions in the Law of Cycles universe amounted to peacefully euthanizing girls who were about to turn. And then you have the Pleiades Saints whose plan of kidnapping girls and putting them in stasis to prevent them witching out backfired on them hard
Now you have an organization the Wings of Magius saying they can liberate girls from their fate of becoming witches that doesn’t involve dying. And the best part it actually works as we see various girls releasing Doppels when their gems go black and then returning to normal as opposed to permanently becoming witches. Girls who would otherwise compete for grief seeds now find themselves together due to the Magius’s witch farming providing plenty of super witches to drop grief seeds. Girls who would otherwise feud over personality, idealism and class divisions now find themselves sharing the commonality of knowing the truth about the magical girl system and being United towards spreading liberation. For girls still reeling from finding out about being ‘zombies’ it’d be comforting to hear from the Magius that they are not less than human nor are they cattle for the incubators but super beings who’s wishes and powers have over the way for human civilization to advance. With all this in mind it’s no wonder how the Magius were able to recruit so many followers even friendly, non psychotic girls (Mifuyu, Amane twins,Ryo, Ikumi, Yukika, Maria, etc) that you wouldn’t expect to go along with brainwashing, kidnapping humans for emotional drainage and various other morally dubious actions
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2021.10.21 02:47 NewbombTurk1971 Assetto Corsa - Group 5 at Mosport

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2021.10.21 02:47 cuminaglassbyosmosis anyone read the ending of attack on titan

i’m still so disappointed
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2021.10.21 02:47 choxbar "i grew up and made the blade my new toy"

is this about drugs or self harm? cause i thought all of Real Thing was about drugs...and if it's about drugs, can someone explain what blades have to do with drugs, thanks
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2021.10.21 02:47 princessandthepauper Decided to sacrifice the top 3 drawers of my Ikea bedside table to my makeup collection 🥰

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2021.10.21 02:47 sayitright77 aww so cute kitten wanting loving

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2021.10.21 02:47 toby_plumb_1 Moai under a starry sky

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2021.10.21 02:47 skylargoo Looking for romances

I’ve been sick for a bit a have been watching anime again last I watched was rent-a-girlfriend and I also watched the first season of quintessential quintuplets and I kinda of like the environment and protagonist of quintuplets and I like rent-a-girlfriend as a whole any suggestions? I’ve watched a lot and am having trouble finding similar things.
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2021.10.21 02:47 SyreksDungeon RANTING about this subreddit

Imma go against everybody in this subreddit. I dont care. This subreddit ain't shit.
One of the major things on why I stopped watching PUA's and listening closely to the advice on this subreddit it's because they take human interactions and dumb it down to a disrespectful level. I fucking hate how one person can be like "act this way and you'll get her" when they don't even know YOU let alone HER. One of the things I have learned on this year and a half of meeting new girls and people constantly is that nobody is the same. Some believe in ghosts, some are atheists, some like rock, others EDM. Some have a complete opposite view of the world than me, some share it... but never to the complete extent. Its so fucking disrespectful to assume shit, like a know it all, and give conclusions when you dont even know 1% of the situation.
She stopped texting you? "Oh its because you were too..." fuck that! How can you be so generalizing? You-Dont-Fucking-Know-Her, if the person who is asking is confused, and he cannot figure out what is going on, what makes you think that you, a random ass person on reddit, can? Let alone, why should I listen to you? For what I know you might be a complete different person, with a complete different upbringing, and a complete different view of the world than me. Why should I follow your advice?
And whats up with the generalizing women shit? I would hate if you think that just because I am a man I think and react the same way my alcoholic neighbor does. I even think this subreddit thrives on a hate of women. You show some kind of affection to a woman? "You are needy", you show your interest to her? "need to be mysterious". How the fuck do you know if the girl don't like a romantic-direct man? That is so fucking generalizing. Most of the advices are so you never look weak and as a beta, but who knows the definition of those term? I have mine, I think I know when I'm being weak because I know MY STANDARDS. That does not mean my limits are the same as yours though. So what if the definition of weakness then?
Most of the people on this subreddit have never been in a relationship. If she is ghosting you now, if she cheated on you, if whatever, we do not fucking know and we cannot give you an answer. Only her and maybe her friends will know the reason why she is acting weird with you, but nobody else will. This subreddit is full of nerdy people who is trying to fuck 1,000,000 girls a month. Do you think we know anything about relationships here? If we are here is because we don't have one, and possibly can't. ASK HER, why the fuck not? "Oh, it shows weakness" says the no relationship redditor. Or don't but do not ask shit here.
My only tip and the only tip that is real from this subreddit is this. Live and learn. Stop asking for shit in here. Take risks, live, and if it fails or succeeds, learn. No other way around.
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2021.10.21 02:47 RightintheYikes Nothing new... but this time is different.

After my previous relationship of 5 years which continued the "cycle", I decided I can't continue the cycle any longer. It was yet another heart break even though I was the one who ended it for the better. I found a FWB and worked hard at keeping it distant but we all know how that ended. Another one that perfectly fit my cycle. FWB for about a year, relationship for about 8 months. I admit it wasn't going great, but we did hit a crucial turning point that made it seem like we were finally going to be okay. She really showed that hope was alive until one day she just disappeared. Ghost, ignoring me for what feels like ages but was exactly 7 days. I received some texts today, then back to ignoring. At this point, the past doesn't matter. No matter how hard I want to dwell on it, to fix it. I know how this goes and I know it will all be fine. The reason why I'm typing this is simply to avoid the death I feel inside. I'm negatively exploding due to the way it ended abruptly and without explanation.
Currently, my biggest concern is ending this cycle of immature girls who put very little into the relationship but then fault me for being the only one trying. I can only blame myself as I obviously have a type.. immature liars and cheaters. Every single one of them has lied and cheated. Bye Bye self-esteem. Also, I'm attempting to make friends right now. I'm the typical "nice guy" and proof that nice guys do finish last. I try too hard to keep relationships afloat myself. I deeply invest myself into my relationship and result in them being basically my only friend. I have a small circle, mainly a couple scattered friends who moved away. I work from home, don't go out anywhere, have absolutely no idea where to even start to make real friends. Living in Orlando it's a city of fakes. Plenty of acquaintances that wouldn't even lift a feather for me. I'm 26 but never have been about the typical "scene" lifestyle as I'm heavily introverted. Spending most of every day and night alone is eating away at my sanity.
This was a nice distraction and calmed me down from a darker place, thanks to all/any who bothered to read my ramblings. Will you catch you guys on depression for my next breakdown.
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2021.10.21 02:47 WTFrontPage Cauldron planter with drip tray

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2021.10.21 02:47 DeathToMoonLord Trying to start my own

Hello, I am looking to start up an ARG and was wondering how to get started with all this. I was thinking of doing two, one for my friends so I can include places we know for them to find clues, and another one for my youtube fanbase to solve if they can figure it out. For hiding things I was thinking translating things into cypher codes, having a website that is just a black screen with a red herring in the middle and the clue in the source code, having a seperate twitter and youtube account for it e.t.c.
Any help with storyline ideas and how to hide things would be much appreciated
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2021.10.21 02:47 NothingnessUD To the one guy outside SSC that kills lowbies going to Slave Pens

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2021.10.21 02:47 Skekzyz WHY does Nobody Special still sit at less than 2k subs????? Financial Press Finally Realizes Inflation Isn't Transitory.

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2021.10.21 02:47 Joefergy378 Favorite J. Cole album and why

I like hearing other opinions
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2021.10.21 02:47 HippieMcHipface It looks like it's moving

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2021.10.21 02:47 qwenmn E-BIKER CONFUSED, THINKS HIS MOTORBIKE CUT IN FRONT OF DRIVER Although power-assisted bikes are a...

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2021.10.21 02:47 zipsakortu Current Home Depot Coupons

Here is the Current Home Depot Coupons
Best deals, coupons and discount you can find there. You can find great discounts on there too.
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2021.10.21 02:47 NefariousnessFine787 Meet Riselia Ray Crystalia

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2021.10.21 02:47 Fungichu This is for all the artsy witches out there

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