What exactly is progressivism in American political context? Why does a section of the internet hate it so much?

AOTA. Point out the negative elements of their culture to help them improve. AND Help them realize the positive elements of their culture and make them feel proud about them. AND Teach basic concepts in the context of the IP culture. AND Show them other peoples' cultures. So does a free job market level the playing field and give the worker some say. A free job market means, of course, lots of employers and limited monopoly, so that lots of employers are forced to compete with each other for good employees, and employees have lots of free choices for jobs between employers. 25 I think China and the Taliban, two of the most xenophobic cultures on earth working together will not end well, for either of them. It's hard to root for one or the other in that scenario, but TBH, China will eradicate the Taliban if it comes to that. China's laser like focus on global hegemony will not permit failure or getting bogged down like the US did in Afghanistan. Far-right politics, also referred to as the extreme right or right-wing extremism, are politics further on the right of the left–right political spectrum than the standard political right, particularly in terms of being anti-communist, authoritarian, ultranationalist, and having nativist ideologies and tendencies.. Historically used to describe the experiences of fascism and Nazism, today ... Haidt is much better psychologist than political philosopher, and this book is both monumental and dangerously flawed. On the good side: Haidt draws broadly from research in psychology, anthropology, and biology to develop a six-factor basis for morality (Care/Harm, Liberty/Oppression, Fairness/Cheating, Loyalty/Betrayal, Authority/Subversion, Sanctity/Degradation), and show that moral ... 30 Kash Patel talked about all of this, including that Milley was in the dang strategy briefings with Trump and Patel and others when it was made clear the withdrawal would have to be staged and conditions based because they knew a complete pull out would result in the Taliban seizing power within just a few days- Trump predicted two days. Trump's admin gave all their info and plans to the ... The cover to the AMA album featuring Ronald Reagan. [Source: Larry DeWitt] The American Medical Association (AMA) releases an 11-minute spoken-word album (LP) featuring actor and promising conservative politician Ronald Reagan. Reagan speaks against what he and the AMA call the “socialized medicine” of Medicare, currently being considered in Congress as part of legislation proposed by ... The steep rise in the use of hate mail, harassment, trespassing, and picketing conducted by anti-abortion activists in 2015-18 does not seem to have had any notable effect on public opinion, nor do the temporary rises in reports of anthrax and other bioterrorism threats in 2001 or of trespassing in 2005. ahha yeah , no we all did it, if u get all the questions right, fb comes up with 170. most of the other guys got 125ish. I don’t think I’m smarter than Albert Einstein don’t worry lol, 1 of the reasons why his IQ makes no sense he’s easily along with Newton as prob in th top 5 smartest people who ever lived.I think memory and amount of original ideas are the biggest elements for me for ... People can use the Internet to get in touch with one another, launch political movements, and fracture off into subcommunities. But coordination only works when you have 51% or more of the force on the side of the people doing the coordinating, and when you haven’t come up with some brilliant trick to make coordination impossible.

2021.10.21 02:39 No_Permanent_Address What exactly is progressivism in American political context? Why does a section of the internet hate it so much?

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2021.10.21 02:39 Whtsox Daily Reflections : Oct 20

Obviously, the dilemma of the wanderer from faith is that of profound confusion. He thinks himself lost to the comfort of any conviction at all. He cannot attain in even a small degree the assurance of the believer, the agnostic, or the atheist. He is the bewildered one.

The concept of God was one that I struggled with during my early years of sobriety. The images that came to me, conjured from my past, were heavy with fear, rejection and condemnation. Then I heard my friend Ed's image of a Higher Power: As a boy he had been allowed a litter of puppies, provided that he assume responsibility for their care. Each morning he would find the unavoidable 'byproducts' of the puppies on the kitchen floor. Despite frustration, Ed said he couldn't get angry because 'that's the nature of puppies.' Ed felt that God viewed our defects and shortcomings with a similar understanding and warmth. I've often found solace from my personal confusion in Ed's calming concept of God.
Browse AA Online Resources
My AA service (YouTube)
Find Next Available Meeting
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2021.10.21 02:39 rexinmou [Amazon] EQY 12 Pcs Halloween Slap Bracelets - 70% off Save $14 - Free Shipping ($5.99)

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2021.10.21 02:39 AtlBravesfan309 Elderly mom and myself homeless nowhere to go.

We both got discharged from the hospital only to find our locks have been changed nowhere to live. Been staying at a hotel but money had ran out not sure what to do. So far local agencies havent helped. Please message for more info or being able to help. Anything would be truly appreciated.
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2021.10.21 02:39 TraditionalGoal422 Polylastic (POLX) - Access to the Crypto Markets With One Token

The Polylastic (POLX) Aggregator is a purposefully staked, curated basket of assets that tracks and represents the synthetic asset space and the future of money—ranging from EFi (Elastic Finance) to perpetual swaps. The direct-staking of the POLX token is used to signal community support that is designed to identify and exploit opportunities in these burgeoning markets.
Polylastic is like an S&P500 but for Crypto. Polylastic just received a grant from the Polygon Foundation today and their POLX version 3 token will be migrated to the Polygon Network later this year.
Why Polylastic?
With our cutting edge technology, we have done extensive due diligence and market research to ensure we deliver the best indexes for our community
Polylastic offers a variety of indexes that are based off of risk models, aiding in assessing various risk appetites
Index investing streamlines the process of broadening the exposure to a wider crypto market
Polylastic empowers users with our community weighted index, gathered from the knowledge of our experienced supporters
The POLX TokenA deflationary, fee-earning token used for governance and weighting indexes according to delegated stake.
As the index performs its high-tech functions and earns fees from growth, part of the revenue goes towards purchasing the token on the open market while removing it from the total supply indefinitely. As the DeFi space advances, the POLX token becomes more scarce and valuable.
Polylastic Index StakingPOLX LP Tokens – liquidity providers can stake their LP tokens and will be rewarded appropriately for their contributions to index health.
Polylastic features a two-tier staking model to reward participation in our index. Stakers can delegate their stake to any project in the index, signaling their support and increasing its weight. Through this design, POLX captures innovation, community sentiment and the pulse of the DeFI space.
➡️Contract: 0x63dc8d8d695413b075055b5371e24ea1630db0b9
➡️ Pancakeswap:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x63dc8d8d695413b075055b5371e24ea1630db0b9
➡️ Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x63dc8d8d695413b075055b5371e24ea1630db0b9#readContract
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2021.10.21 02:39 Smith-pasta25 Sin City Unveils its Ecosystem Development Partners

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2021.10.21 02:39 Bodhi_Enigma Atlas Subluxation that will not stay aligned after chiropractic adjustment

I have had chronic pain and debilitating limitation from what started 6 or 7 years ago as neck spasming, pinched nerves and my neck "going out." I've done physical therapy, z-health, posture specialist, massage, orthopedic shots, acupuncture, atlas orthogonal, and the list goes on. At my previous chiropractor they did x-rays, and come to find out my atlas has been 10 degrees out of alignment (yet for whatever reason their atlas orthogonal machine did not seem to help me much). Until recently nothing has worked to even lessen the pain or limitation - yet I finally found a chiropractor who has adjusted my atlas by hand several times, and it has been the first time since the onset of this issue that I have felt a lack of crunching, grinding, and crackling when I move my neck and I feel amazing and full of energy after the adjustment. The only problem is that within mere hours my atlas will be pulled back to its previous position (out of alignment) without any jerking motions, strenuous exercise or anything else to provoke it to do so, and I am right back to the pain and limitation.

My only inkling is that because the atlas is continually being pulled to the right it is because the right side of my neck and upper back is significantly stronger than my left from doing activities such as painting, etc. in which my right side is being activated for far longer periods of time than my left. I have begun to do isometrics on the left side of my neck yet have not seen any positive results as of yet.

Has anyone come across this problem and/or have some input or advice? It would be very much appreciated!!

Thank you
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2021.10.21 02:39 puzzlehead989999 What’s a quote from a teacher that you will never forget?

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2021.10.21 02:39 Plawn1981 Lowe’s in Redlands, California

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2021.10.21 02:39 Raikaru MacBookPro18,2 [with M1 Max] - Geekbench Browser [68870 Metal]

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2021.10.21 02:39 chingchang505 can anything bad happen if you wake up your lizard from brumation?

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2021.10.21 02:39 PhAintA_shoaib Indian cricketers to watch out for in the T20 World Cup ft Harsha Bhogle.

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2021.10.21 02:39 _shygirl118 Barely mine

I just started, I’m on the third chapter and oh.. my… god… I can tell this will either break my heart into a million pieces or make me smile. I’m scared for what’s going to unfold lollll
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2021.10.21 02:39 esmeralda000 30[f4r] just another manic thursday

Hey. You. Hello there.
You know me. Im back here again.
Let's talk. Not good at it but let's try.
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2021.10.21 02:39 Certified53 What is gomu worth? And is it good for grinding

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2021.10.21 02:39 ironkng How long does it usually take for new gem builds to start rising

I have never made a build nor do I plan to since its just too overwhelming but energy blade looks sick af and always loved the fantasy of flying magic swords killing everything so was really wondering is it safe to trust a build with a new gem in the first month of the league start or wait till later on into the league maybe as a 2nd or 3rd character or just next league
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2021.10.21 02:39 CreateinGaming Can you guess what this building produces? Leave your answer in the comments. Let’s see who’s right

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2021.10.21 02:39 lgggg21 Insha'Allah democracy

Recently watched a documentary on Kunal Kamra's channel title name , As I don't belong to Pakistan I wanted to know how honest the documentary was, Under military rule Pakistan was flourishing and happier as shown in the film, what are your opinion regarding this.
Ps: please be kind and respectful
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2021.10.21 02:39 davodavo499 Rani Mukherjee

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2021.10.21 02:39 burtzev [Myanmar/Burma] Chin resistance fighters destroy half a military convoy amid buildup of junta forces | Myanmar Now

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2021.10.21 02:39 011011000110101001 I might never be able to have a kid because of my porn addiction

I feel like putting my story out in the internet today. Never shared this with anyone. I don't know what I'm expecting out of this but here it is.
I'm a product of a dysfunctional family. Lots of trauma in my childhood. My parents were products of abusive systems themselves and they raised me the way they were raised. Beatings, verbal abuse, neglect, bare minimum and otherwise hands-off parenting. Raised by a narcissistic mother and an emotionally absent father I didn't learn how to deal with negative emotions. No wonder when my friend in 8th grade introduced me to porn I got hooked! Some discover hard drugs or cigarettes. For me it was porn. Those were the days of 128kbps dial-up internet and I would rush home from school to spend a few hours looking at nude pictures. I also grew up in a very repressive and backward society. School was heavily gender segregated. Even exchanging notes with a girl would invite trouble and she would get slut shamed. All in all it was a perfect storm and i took to the new drug like fish to water. Somewhere along the line I developed severe social anxiety. I don't know if it's nature or nurture but SA played a big role in pushing me further into the rabbit hole of porn. This went on until mid-twenties when I migrated to west for college. I thought moving to a different country would change things for the better but it didn't; the die was cast. At the slightest onset of stress I would watch porn, jerk off and feel better. Couldn't figure out how to navigate dating culture - anxiety - go home watch porn. Can't fall asleep - watch porn and sleep in a orgasm induced stupor. Feelings of loneliness - watch porn. Poor grades - watch porn. Flashbacks from childhood - watch porn. It became the anti-anxiety drug that helped in the short run but made things worse with each use. Grades suffered but I managed to find a job anyhow and life continued as a functional addict. By this time I was showing severe ADHD like symptoms. This is the first time I went to a psychiatrist. Not for porn addiction. I still didn't make the connection that porn was pulling the strings. I thought I have ADHD since my mom has similar issues. Maybe I do have a learning disability. Anyway, the doc prescribed slow release Adderall and it shot up my libido like 1000x. I couldn't meet project deadlines without adderall so I took it even though it made my pmo habit worse. I would get my work done by 5p.m rush back home and binge porn until wee hours of morning. I'd beat it until it hurt and even then I'd be horny. By this time I hated myself, my parents, the society and life in general. I would derive no pleasure from anything. Adderall + PMO became everything. One day a thought popped into my head - what if I go to Home Depot, buy a garden hose and connect one end to the tail pipe and another .. you know where this is going. I think this is when I realized I have a serious problem. I think it was just ideation and I never acted on it, but the thought scared me. The next day I flushed the meds down the toilet. Porn addiction continued however.
It wasn't all dark all the time though. There were months when I would exercise, play music and all that but no matter what I did, the porn addiction never quite went away 100%. I should've mustered the courage and gone to a therapist. I was afraid of judgement. Social anxiety and ego made it hard to seek help. This went on for many more years and one day I noticed I don't get as horny as before. My libido had noticeably reduced and started putting on weight easily. I was around 32 by this time and chalked it to getting older. I carried on with life and by this time I had managed to overcome fear of dating (rejection) and I was quite enjoying meeting women. Lost virginity around that time and it became clear that I can't ejaculate. The girls I was dating didn't seem to mind and even liked how long I could stay hard but sex was no fun for me. One day, I met my now wife and we hit it off really well and got married. She'd told me early in the relationship that she didn't want kids so maybe that's why she never bothered with my 'problem'. But now as I'm getting older I feel a pang of guilt as I see other couples with kids. My wife is now approaching 40 and the door is pretty much closed on having a kid. Deep inside I know that it was never going to happen. If you ask me if I want a kid I would say no. That I've never wanted to start a family. It's partly true but it's also because I know I won't be able to. There are times when my wife second guesses herself and wonders if we're making a mistake going childfree. I shrug and tell her we'll be alright but I know it can't be any other way. Growing up not having a father I don't know how to be one. I've gone long periods without pmo but it doesn't seem to reset. The damage feels permanent. We have sex, she finishes I don't and then I watch porn and finish off as she drifts off to sleep.
I haven't mustered the courage to tell her the truth. It'll break her heart. She might never see me the same way again. I want to tell her though and maybe someday I'll work up the courage to tell her everything.
If you have read this far, then I want to thank you. If you're going through a rough time with addiction please seek help and don't try to ride it out alone.
TL;DR: Addiction can fuck up your life.
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2021.10.21 02:39 WitheredHorizons Did the latest Imhotep issue get published?

I wonder whether Roy finally got around to publish Imhotep #12, I heard it was due on August.
If it did and any of you have it, would you mind spilling the beans regarding the content?
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2021.10.21 02:39 Swimming_Round_3091 Some Ferraris

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2021.10.21 02:39 Appropriate-Dingo733 Penn Badgley as my fancast of Joker. I think he could kill the role, what are your thoughts and pick?

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2021.10.21 02:39 Multinoir_078 Amount of a times a player outplaced quig since he joined mcc

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