Uh oh..he ate to much

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2022.01.22 01:45 ColonelVicman Uh oh..he ate to much

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2022.01.22 01:45 countcet Native Ohioans, what is your Ohio food?

I'm born in Ohio and grew up with a lot of regional food that people outside Ohio don't usually eat. What's your list? Here is mine.

  1. City Chicken (Cleveland Style)
  2. Cabbage, Sausage and potatoes. This is basically Jaeger Kohl.
  3. Springerles
  4. Various casserole dishes that are always made with cream of mushroom soup
They aren't necessarily "Ohio" but I rarely find people outside Ohio in the United States who know what these foods are
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2022.01.22 01:45 EnigmaticDaze Happy Friday ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

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2022.01.22 01:45 Marnzilla98 Blood Work Thoughts 23 y/o Male

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2022.01.22 01:45 AntiqueBar1341 How much was routed through darkpool today i haven’t seen anything

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2022.01.22 01:45 U-Will-Succeed USMLE tutor

Hello everyone, I have taken all USMLE exam with 256, 256, 233. I am willing to provide one on one tutoring sessions to help you improve. I will try my best to help you with any particular topic that you find difficult to understand. Please feel free to DM
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2022.01.22 01:45 KidDarkness New to Christopaganism and frustrated with the double-edged sword of no authority

Hey folks! I'm new here, new to paganism and christopaganism, and daggum I'm finding it hard to find my footing in this arena. From looking over just the front page of this sub, seems I'm not the only one.
See, coming from a systematic (Evangelical) Christian religion, I'm used to -- and comfortable with -- religion having rules. Doctrine kept us within the faith, creeds kept us in unity on what mattered, church authority helped us determine what was of the Lord, etc. (Personally, I was a very academic Christian thanks to my Christian schooling from 4th grade through college, and my faith earned straight As because I had all the right essay, multiple-choice, and short answers.)
Being in a new spiritual space where there are so few rules feels... fake? I'm just processing this again right now, but yeah, I think it feels fake. I'm so used to spirituality being the _other_ way, and now I'm in a space where "anyone who wants to call themselves a witch is a witch."
I don't want to knock this way of living and being, but I do want to share what I'm thinking about this dynamic. I think it's hard to get behind this "anything goes" perspective because, for most of my life, there was structure, tested tradition, and community. There was intimate guidance and a host of witnesses who had gone down the road before
Boy, would I love to have that kind of well-worn path to walk again... I'm actually hoping to join a druidic order because I just crave the structure and authority! It's such a comfort to me and tells me I'm still ok - I'm not going off the deep end - I'm still... if I'm honest... I'm still going to heaven.
Has anyone else felt this? Has anyone felt this but then moved beyond it? Has anyone felt this but found that structure they craved?
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2022.01.22 01:45 Cupcake_Queen25 Send me codes I can shop at!!

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2022.01.22 01:45 filipovic1999 Watch Where Your Cursor is at All Times

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2022.01.22 01:45 Vrito876 My sister's gimme pigs <3

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2022.01.22 01:45 aneekyy Pashto, A “minimalistic” jaba (tongue) :p or we just laaaaazzzyyy

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2022.01.22 01:45 JAS_21 Looking for tips

Been picking a short time. I started young but just picked by luck then, just bitchpicking basically. I more recently learned the fundamentals and how most locks work. I have picked security pins like spools and some serrated. Spools I feel fairly well, but the serrated I have more trouble with. I bought an American 1100 and have picked it multiple times, but I can't repeat it regularly. I think I'm over setting even with very light tension. I purchased a second 1100 just to have more than one reference, but haven't picked the new one open yet. I can feel the pins and know where I am in the lock. I pick until I hear a click and try another pin but still can't tell if I'm set. I understand the "jiggle" test, but even that I find hard to tell the pin state. I can tell if it's springy but not set or over set. Any tips would be helpful. Also is there some locks that may be a step down from the 1100 but still with serrated drivers?
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2022.01.22 01:45 rman0159 Found this gem on Twitter

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2022.01.22 01:45 flyingbunnyduckbat I think Euphoria is the true American version of skins

I have always liked teen dramas, and Skins has always stood out. I think Euphoria has the same energy as Skins, with the mature high school scenarios, but it still feels American. The American Skins did not live up to the British one.
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2022.01.22 01:45 DividuousYT How To Tie Your Laces Fast!!! | Tutorial Video #shorts

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2022.01.22 01:45 PanarinsPartyPS5 Jonathan Huberdeau is a hidden god dank treasure…

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2022.01.22 01:45 Castiel3232 Pegaxy Scholarship for All!!

Hi are you looking for a scholarship in pegaxy let's go we are you looking for just be active no need refferal it's your option I'm looking for you here
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2022.01.22 01:45 sbpotdbot Sportsbook/Promos/Bonuses Daily Questions - 1/22/22 (Saturday)

Questions about sportsbooks, promos, bonuses, rollovers, etc. Post/host contests on /sportscontests, discuss selections/player prop bets/survivor pools/pick em pools/calcuttas/westgate etc. here.
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2022.01.22 01:45 Inside-Historian-539 Salary

I just completed my NS and was looking for an Internship, what expected salary should I expect?
For added context, I graduated with a Poly Diploma and have a Uni Slot for August, so this is a personal Internship, not through a school.
Would love for some help
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2022.01.22 01:45 True_Sith_Lord Hey girl are you a blast furnace ?

Umm because
>! because I want to put babies inside you !<
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2022.01.22 01:45 bucket--bot day my hand, are

I demand hugs
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2022.01.22 01:45 FishesAreCool_ I'm proud of my flair 🤩

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2022.01.22 01:45 EmilyJoestar_3v3 Is there anything positive about this..?

I’m only 16 years old, I’m not interested in getting into a sexual relationship as of right now, but I already have a strange fetish that I feel terrible about.
It’s... mpreg
I know... I don’t know why- and..or how to explain or get away from it but... I just feel guilty because I’m an LGBTQ+ member who is opposed to fetishization of our community but... gosh I don’t know..
It’s like... I don’t want to like... go through with it in real life.. I just, I’ve read fan fictions with that trope and it... turns me on..? Like- just that alone.. that’s all really.
I need some sort of comfort in this situation.. is there anything positive about having this fetish? I don’t want to fetishize my own community I just..
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2022.01.22 01:45 slightly-productive Do people not want to be my friend, or am I just a horrible person?

TW: Mentions of suicide, details of suicide methods, and mental health disorders.
I (22F) really need to hear your opinion on this situation. I can't trust my own judgement. I've been emotionally distressed and have been violently crying every day for two weeks now.
Background: When I was in Kindergarten (home country), I didn't have any friends in my class. All the kids, especially the girls, told me they didn't like me. This carried on for my whole time in pre-school. They said they didn't want to play with me. In 2nd grade (in a different country, let's call it country A as I move around a few times ), I was bullied and publicly humiliated by my two closest "friends". I remained friends with them because I didn't have anyone else.
In 4th grade (home country), I was bullied by a boy sitting next to me. Other kids made fun of me alongside him. A girl once pulled my hair to the outside of a bathroom stall and closed the door on it. Fortunately, I did meet my two best friends around the same time. I'm still friends with them now. Everything was fine. Then 7th grade happened. Me and said best friends were put into three different classes. We were barely able to interact with each other so I was alone. I did make a friend eventually, but I felt extremely lonely. My classmates didn't really interact with me outside of group work (in which all the work was shoved to me and I was treated quite badly). I started showing signs of anxiety, depression, and dissociation during this time. Greaaaaaaaaat...
I reached 8th grade. It got worse. The depression really settled in. My grades fell off, my teachers treated me differently for having lower grades, and still alone. It wasn't the same classmates as the previous year. Still, they excluded me in things or "forgot" about me when the whole class was planning to do something together. Many days going home crying. I went for a long time eating lunch at my school's parking lot because no one would acknowledge I was there when I sat with other girls. It gave me so much anxiety to look for people to sit with. At that point, I don't know if they just didn't like me, if I did something wrong, or if I need to change something. I'm a very quiet person and keep to myself. I've tried really hard to make friends, but I keep failing because I would just be ignored. I haven't done anything mean to anyone. Maybe they genuinely didn't mean it and it was all in my head?
I moved to country B the next year. It was generally fine, but my mental health got extremely bad. I had my friends from school that came and went. I was in friend groups, but have always felt that I was just tagging along. Many times, I went through periods of avoiding everyone because I thought I was a burden to them. Or that I was just going to ruin the mood. Yes, I have committed suicide a couple of times.
It's important to note that I did have friends outside of school. Such as the ones from fourth grade, online friends, and friends from church. I interacted with them online because they were all very far away from me in terms of location.
I took going to college as a fresh start. I was away from home. No one knew me or where I came from. I joined clubs, volunteered, signed up for random group events, held a student council position. I was able to interact with loads of people. I made some friends, but none of them really stuck except one girl with whom I became close.
Now: I'm in my second year of college and it is very much shit. In the span of two months, I've attempted suicide six times. I felt like such a burden. I had to give up all those things I signed up for because I was so unwell. My friends that I made who were student council members (and were also from my course) supported me a lot. I was always being told to reach out to them, but I always struggled because I feel like I would just be bothering them. Or that I'm too much (which a doctor in the hospital also told me for icing on the cake). My close friend here had to go off-grid because of her own mental health issues. I haven't heard from her for 4 months now.
The Problem: I don't think I'm bad at reaching out at all. I often do it. However, with my student council friends, as nice as they are, I noticed that I was always the one to text first. At the start, they asked me how I was, but I feel like that was because my close friend told them I wasn't doing well. Although they have supported me, it was always because I either told or gave hints that I was not okay. I realized that I'm always the one texting out first. Reaching out first. Only being texted when they hear something bad has happened to me but then hearing next to nothing shortly after. None of them asked me how I was over Christmas. I've texted them since we've come back for classes, but it was only for homework related stuff. I did hint to two of them that I wasn't doing well.
I had an incident a few days ago where I fainted in class (which is a regular thing now due to my anxiety disorder). One of them checked on me. They thought I was sitting in the back. In fact, I was sitting in the row in front of them within their view. I think I'm just invisible at this point...
They're well aware of the fact that I have gone back to university. I don't know if they have seen me in class or not, but I can't imagine it's that hard considering I'm always sitting by myself in my solo row at the very front of the class. A lot has happened and I still feel extremely guilty for what I put them through for my suicide attempts. They told me it was fine when I kept constantly apologising for how messed up I am.
I felt really hurt when they would hang out a couple of times without me. This one time, I saw them going bowling together on social media (something I've been planning for us to do for a while). It hurt so bad that I broke all my plates, drank a bunch of different pills and bleach, and went out to go jump in the local river to drown. I was told they wanted me to be there, but I was never told they were hanging out in the first place. Maybe they just assume that I wasn't well enough to go?
I still see them in my classes often together. I'm too afraid to say hi or go sit with them at this point. I feel like I'll just bother them. I even told them stuff like "Oh, I went to that class today". Still nothing. I don't know at this point.
On one hand, I'm starting to feel that this is the same as my past experiences in nicer packaging. That they're just staying my "friend" out of obligation and pity. On the other, I think I'm just extremely insecure and being extremely entitled to genuinely kind people. Even with said past experiences, I still doubt if it was actually legit to this day. I feel extremely alone. It's so painful when you're in educational settings because that fact is being waved right into your face. I'm sure I look quite the idiot sitting by myself in class all the time. If there's anything I can do to change it, I would do it with no hesitation.
Do you think there's something wrong with me? Did I do something wrong to my friends? Why does it seem like I'm always an outsider or being "ostracized" (I think that's the right term)? Am I just overreacting? Please help :(
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2022.01.22 01:45 xixxi Need some support - had to call the police on my old nanny

We let her go on Tuesday for multiple reasons. She was constantly late, she called in 10m before her shifts often leaving us in a bad spot, she took naps on the job, came in hung over.
I’m describing a 56 year old retired nurse.
After we let her go it was nonstop manipulative messages. Begging for her job back saying that she knows my children as well as we do. Feel sorry for me types of messages “I guess I wasn’t good enough” and “I hope the next person loves them and reads to them etc”
I say again, we’re doing what’s best for us. Thanks again let me know if you need a reference.
She doesn’t stop. More messages. More manipulative bs. “Can you tell me who replaced me??? Why aren’t you answering???”
Tonight I tell her to stop. Then she snaps and stars going off with these horrible messages. She threatens me with “the authorities” and calling CPS because I have edibles in the house (which she helped herself to on one shift saying she didn’t know what it was. I had to send her home in an Uber. Pot is legal in my country).
That’s fucking it. You don’t threaten me and my children. I called the cops. Told them the whole story, send them the screenshots of our conversation.
They went to her house tonight and told her if she doesn’t stop they’re pressing criminal harassment charges.
I’m exhausted. This has been a nightmare. Be safe everyone - and trust your instincts.
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