What are some of the most positive, hopeful portrayals of technology in popular entertainment?

2022.01.22 01:38 ThatAdamGuy What are some of the most positive, hopeful portrayals of technology in popular entertainment?

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2022.01.22 01:38 Street_Guarantee2830 Damn i thought Hunter and Dominic were dating but i guess not… 😭😭

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2022.01.22 01:38 lopsided_hug What is the personality of an Attic Abasement fan (aka you)?

I live somewhere north, it's cold half the year. I don't have friends and I feel the same way I felt when I was a teenager. I don't know how to play any instruments. Probably my most incompatible fact: I'm vegan.
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2022.01.22 01:38 drasdreth Tô bêbado, e assistindo o lobo de wall street, e a quantidade de efeitos especiais é ridícula.

Pelo amor de deus, até a porra do fio do telefone enrolado em volta do Leonardo DiCaprio é efeito especial? Que merda é essa, mano?
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2022.01.22 01:38 Willing-Clock-8884 BIANQUINHA manda INDIRETA pra ALINE FARIA em live e o CLIMA ESQUENTA | BIANQUINHA182

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2022.01.22 01:38 Clover_Lav I’m sorry, what is this?

Hello odinhandheld! I accidentally stumbled upon this subreddit, and although I have skimmed over a few posts, I have no idea what this is. Is it a steam deck knock off? Is it it’s own thing that plays games developed for it? Is it a homebrew machine? Can Someone please educate me with as simple terminology as possible?
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2022.01.22 01:38 rustrade84 Adventist Minecraft???

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2022.01.22 01:38 matteskeeere97 Non voletemi male, è per il meme

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2022.01.22 01:38 picklefanguy just had my first calorie neutral day, and it made me realize...

HOW DID I GAIN WEIGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE? I can legit eat so much (home) food and still stay calorie neutral... Restaurant food (and especially desserts I'm sure) must be sooo high in calories!
Anyway, I've always been afraid of having my first calorie neutral day, because I was worried it'd "trigger" something inside me and just make me go back to my old binge-eating self. Any advice to make sure this is just a healthy, one-off pause from progress, and not something that ends it?
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2022.01.22 01:38 lazyoats Downgrade from A80J to A8H?

I recently bought a 65” A80J for $2,200. The 65” A8H just went on sale for $1,500. I use my tv for 80% movies/shows/YouTube and 20% ps5 gaming. From my research the main difference is that the A8H doesn’t have hdmi 2.1, but for ps5 I only ever play single player games so I don’t think I would really need the hdmi 2.1 even for future games right? I would also be downgrading from google tv to android tv. Is there something else I’m missing or is it not worth downgrading for my needs?
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2022.01.22 01:38 folgawoogaimogawomp Naltrexone hangovers and TSM

How are you guys doing the TSM method without the terrible naltrexone hangovers? I started nal oral tablets 4 days ago and I tried to drink 2 glasses of wine the other night, which is way less than I’ve been drinking, and I got a pretty terrible hangover. I’m not sure I can just stop drinking completely as I’ve been heavily drinking for 3 years now. Any advice? I’m very new to all this.
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2022.01.22 01:38 Successful_Spite854 Zopiclone abuse and trying Trazadone

Hi there I’ve been abusing Zopiclone for about 2 years now! Sometimes about 150mg a day and just need advice on how to come off them. Thanks.
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2022.01.22 01:38 travdaddy226 How should I go about my training leading up to a half and full if the races are on Sundays but my long run days are on Wednesday?

I work Thursday through Sunday, so my long run day will be either Tuesday or Wednesday as I train for my half marathon in May and full in October.
Ideally the long runs would coincide on the same day of the week or weekend that the race is on but since I work full days on the weekend I'll have to adjust.
I'm curious if anyone has run into this issue with having their long runs each week on a Wednesday but they have their eventual race on a Saturday or Sunday?
I'm assuming you would pick day one as whatever day that works and your long run at whatever day works and then maybe things shift around tactfully the last 2-3 weeks? So I'm curious what the strategy might be for those last 2-3 weeks?
Thanks all!
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2022.01.22 01:38 ryan_lim417 VIP free trial experience

Grinded the heck out of it and acquired a level 10 dragoon, heck yeah
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2022.01.22 01:38 pebleshair Student loan payments resume in May. Here are 7 ways to prepare

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2022.01.22 01:38 Lan9004 How to create Chiller PVC Connection Rather Than Hose Barb?

Hey guys I'm looking to create the same connection as these guys did for a cold plunge they created. I tried cutting the Active Aqua original fitting and pvc gluing the fitting on - the rubber seal at the bottom helps seal off the water. The original fitting is slightly smaller than the 3/4" elbow so I had to use a lot of pvc glue which is not structurally sound. Does anyone have an idea? looks like these guys didn't use the rubber seal as you can see white pvc poke out at the bottom. Just trying to create a quick fit connection without any plumbers tape that's reliable and won't leak. The photos I uploaded is my set up thus far! Cheers guys.

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2022.01.22 01:38 Rdick_Lvagina This guy seems legit although the style of his website makes him look like a believer of things on first impression. He seems to do a lot of Oak Island debunking. He might be a candidate for the wiki down the track?

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2022.01.22 01:38 kiradarkness_ Can you get the sleigh vehicle if you accidentally scraped it back?

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2022.01.22 01:38 Fain-would-i-climb Glue or Adhesive recommendations?

So I bought a pack of stickers from Amazon and there are some small strips of printed paper that don't have any stickiness on the backside mixed in it as well. I love the look of these graphics, but I'm new to planners (and decorating them) and I'm hoping you all have some recommendations for what I can use to adhere the graphics to my planner pages. I'm worried I may choose something that leaves an oil or grease mark on the opposite page or something else. I just don't want to ruin my pages.
If you have any ideas or products that work well for you, please let me know!
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2022.01.22 01:38 StepReferal 💎💵$5 for trying Cashapp real easy!!💵💎

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2022.01.22 01:38 novacosma Correct setup for Office 365 Groups and Shared Mailboxes

This has been discussed in the past in generic terms but I am still struggling to apply that generic information to our specific use-case.
We have personal email addresses (name@domain.com) and then we need a bunch of generic email addresses like:

  1. admin@domain.com - to create and manage domain accounts, office 365 accounts, etc. Will be used by our IT guy with additional access to ownedirector.
  2. billing@domain.com - to manage accounting, both for our customers and our service suppliers. Will be used by the accountant(s) with additional access to ownedirector.
  3. careers@domain.com - to manage job posts, applications. Will be used by ownedirector at start and then HR administrator.
  4. contact@domain.com - for generic contact requests. To be distributed to ownedirector at first, maybe office manager at a later stage.
  5. sales@domain.com - for sales of our services. This could either be new sales requests, new leads and or issues with existing orders (I appreciate that maybe not every support case will be sent to support@domain.com at first). Sales people should be getting these emails (with access to ownedirector) and replying to them.
  6. social@domain.com - to set up social media accounts, manage them and social media marketing. To be used by the Social Media Manager(s) with access to ownedirector.
  7. support@domain.com - for problems related to our services/products. To be acessed by ownedirector who will then decide to whom to assign the support cases.
We initially thought we just need to set them up as Shared Mailboxes with automatic forwarding as that's what we had done previously and we had never used Groups. Now we want to know what should be the correct approach for maximum use of Office 365's capabilities/tools/etc.
What is the most convenient way for all these mailboxes to be used on mobile devices (since most employees are working remotely/mobile-based)?
Should employees be replying through the Shared Mailbox? If an email is received by a Shared Mailbox, forward to an employee and they reply, I have to assume only they can see that email, right? The ownededirector who has access to the Shared Mailbox will no longer be in the conversation unless the employee cc's him, right? Is that what Groups are for?
The solution we are looking for is (as an example):
  1. Customer is interested in sales.
  2. Customer sends an email to sales@domain.com
  3. Sales people who are assigned to the sales@domain.com shared mailbox receive the emails. Ownedirector also receives the email (for oversight).
  4. One of the sales people replies and starts a dialogue with the customer.
  5. Other sales people and director continue to see/be part of the conversation.
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2022.01.22 01:38 shieldtwin Who is this?

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2022.01.22 01:38 snailtaint i have a question

My (F23) ex wife (F22) and I have been separated for about 2 months now after i caught her cheating. i want to get a divorce as soon as possible but honestly i’m young and dumb and don’t know how all of this works. When we were together i paid for EVERYTHING. Rent, food, gas (she didn’t even have a car of her own and used mine all of the time), i paid her bills and i even paid for her tattoos. we took vacations that i paid for completely. she didn’t even have a job and when she did she couldn’t hold it for longer than 2-3 months. she was an emotional and financial leech. honestly after everything i want my time AND all that money i wasted on her back. what can i do? is it possible to get her to pay back everything i paid for her?
TLDR: i paid my cheating ex wives bills and want my money back
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2022.01.22 01:38 EugeneWong318 The difference between me and my Trump voting neighbor is that I also want it to be easier for him to vote, even if I disagree with his views. Pretty sure that's how our Founding Fathers intended it to be.

The difference between me and my Trump voting neighbor is that I also want it to be easier for him to vote, even if I disagree with his views. Pretty sure that's how our Founding Fathers intended it to be. submitted by EugeneWong318 to Trumpgret [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 01:38 ri0s_albi3 18/PST/XBOX - Looking for people to stay up and play Fortnite with

It’s currently 8:37pm, wondering if anyone wants to play Fortnite late into the night. The mic I have is just one on a pair of earbuds so it ain’t the best.
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