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Next cryptocurrency likely to explode in 2022

2022.01.22 03:03 NewsCryptocurrency Next cryptocurrency likely to explode in 2022

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2022.01.22 03:03 RandomFandomLover Something I've realized...

So I've been seeing a lot of people lately calling louie a socio or psychopath for, you know being the way he is and all- I can see where they are coming from.... but because he want to turn a bulborb into a steak and some worm into a crowd pleasing thanksgiving meal
Sorry but how is that crazy lmao (fr tho this a genuine question), he's like Hocotate's gordan Ramsey except he's too quiet
Also when reading his "recipes" for the creature log in pikmin 3 I legit was like "why am I reading this, this is making me hungry for food I can never eat"
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2022.01.22 03:03 Silverseren I Found My New Favorite Bad Movie.

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2022.01.22 03:03 Roger_RogerB1 New to cosplay, seeking guidance

I've never made a cosplay before but I kinda want to try my hand at making one. The character I'm thinking of for somereason in my head doesn't seem too hard (I'm sure I'm wrong about that). Mostly looking for someone more experienced that I can run the cosplay by and get their ideas and feed back.
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2022.01.22 03:03 Throwawaayyyy5 I love how Zutara shippers just forget that Mai exists...

Mai would've thrown her knives at Katara...just saying
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2022.01.22 03:03 Krwlngicarus Thoughts on free pulse . io

I know some people are saying it’s a scam but what are your thoughts on this, even creating a wallet that has 0 crypto in it might seem to be worthy of a shot if it is in fact the real deal no?
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2022.01.22 03:03 NewsCryptocurrency Next cryptocurrency likely to explode in 2022

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2022.01.22 03:03 Dahlya_Rose69 Sinking

I have been playing single player recently, when I dismount my megladon I sink automatically. Says I killed myself. Have full scuba gear, not much weight to character. I can go back to megladon and not have any issues in water, only happens when dismount.
No other water tames so not sure if happens with all or not.
Playing on console. Ps5
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2022.01.22 03:03 Imthank_Hipeeps EXPLORING ROXY RACEWAY | Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach - Part 11

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2022.01.22 03:03 GFB1011- Poor Will

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2022.01.22 03:03 Kekoa_ok Interesting MMPR patches featuring the Red Ranger with a cape on an officially licensed, vintage jacket

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2022.01.22 03:03 Fezticle Flowering back to veg

So I flipped into flower about 2 weeks ago, some solid white hairs coming through. Lower branches ain’t getting the best light. Was thinking of taking cuttings and flipping back to veg. My question is how long after flower is to late? Would this work or stress the plant to much?
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2022.01.22 03:03 ProactiveFlailer Andy Warhol quote

“In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes”
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2022.01.22 03:03 headphonescape What Happened to the Souls of People Who Died Before They Learned of Jesus and People Who Lived Before Jesus Came?

I was wondering what happened to the people who didn't hear about Jesus before they died? and what happened to the people who died before Jesus came to offer them the path of salvation as the Son of God? Did they all get sent to Hell? Did their souls perish when their body died?
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2022.01.22 03:03 SickRiffer “No knowledge about making music”. Sounds about right

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2022.01.22 03:03 Full-Librarian-9487 Claim and earn free Crypto (Faucet)

Would you like to have some crypto, but maybe don't have money to invest in it? There is this site called FireFaucet, which offers:
(1) Free daily claim of crypto currency
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FireFaucet - Link
Have a nice day.
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2022.01.22 03:03 Anything-Really181 Period Blood Changes

(26F) For the last 2 months my period has been lighter. It’s bright red/cranberry red with blood clots (this part still the same). But the flow has been weird. I’ve always had a heavy flow, but last month and now, it’s lighter. Could it be my lack of movement (working from home and barely moving, not leaving the house) or could the cold weather affect it?
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2022.01.22 03:03 streetziswatchin Ghostface/Raekwon

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2022.01.22 03:03 Primary_Access9284 Hello welcome to r/cookiecringe. This place need to post cookie run but cringe , fetish or whatever.This doesn’t mean to hate cookie run. Please don’t break any the rules.I hope you will join our community .

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2022.01.22 03:03 Legitimate_Issue_234 [Repost] [Academic] COVID-19: Assessing the long-term effects of COVID on mental health (UK, 18+)

I am a MSc Psychology student enrolled with Northumbria University and I am conducting a research study to explore the long-term effects of COVID-19 upon mood (anxiety and depression) psychological well-being and happiness in those who had COVID-19 but have recovered and those who never had COVID-19.
I am therefore looking for online participants who are based in United Kingdom over the age of 18 to participate in this study. You should not participate in this study if you have suffered (or are presently suffering) from long-term mood (anxiety and depression) psychological disorders prior to COVID-19.
The quantitative research will involve a questionnaire with varying scales measuring your mood (anxiety and depression), psychological well-being and happiness and will take approximately 10 – 15 minutes to complete.
The research will collect demographic details and COVID-19 status but will not collect personally identifiable data. You are also free to withdraw from the survey at any time.
For more information, and to take part in the study, please follow this link:
For questions regarding the study or protocol please contact the researcher at: [](
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2022.01.22 03:03 _kiminara /shrimptank Subdirect Statistics

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2022.01.22 03:03 demise002 What was your medical emergency in flight and how was it handled?

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2022.01.22 03:03 ToolDrool Arizona rock

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2022.01.22 03:03 6BCK200UP DM FOR FULL FILE

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2022.01.22 03:03 Think-Row-9720 The ultimate Dad joke?

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