hz4e4 hke27 2t4t9 252bk 9y36f asz55 5anyf e5tis r89es 95hz7 yzrhr 2i8hb 3bddz ihr5y 8ht7r 96hhs d5dtb tensr sesyi d6ty2 bs7yk Do INFPs really struggle to learn from their mistakes and change? |

Do INFPs really struggle to learn from their mistakes and change?

2022.01.22 02:19 DivyanshPanwari Do INFPs really struggle to learn from their mistakes and change?

This question might seem offensive to some people. I have seen 3 INFPs irl (including me) and 2 INFPs in media. The running theme that i was able to see, 'You don't learn from your mistakes do you. You make the same mistakes again and again.' This includes me, my friends and characters portrayed as INFP. Is it true for you guys?
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2022.01.22 02:19 Kylechs Am I in good shape to get authorized for an MRI?

I am a 21 year old male.
For over a year I've been having persistent neck stiffness and pain. It doesn't go away. When I turn my head, it gets worse. In addition to this I also get pressure and weird sensations in my head. I also have complete sexual dysfunction.
I already did an X-ray of my cervical spine, which came back normal. However, my symptoms persist. I did 8 sessions of Physical Therapy, and it didn't help. I also spoke to a Urologist regarding my sexual dysfunction, and he was of no help.
My doctor told me if the X-ray and Physical Therapy doesn't help he'll set me up an MRI.
I recently went back to my doctor and I told him I am interested in getting the MRI. I told him I want it in two areas: My neck and my brain.
He wrote me the script. He warned me that my insurance doesn't like paying for MRI's and it has to be authorized.
He told me pick a facility to get the MRI done, let us know which place you've chosen, and then we'll process the authorization.
He told me if it doesn't get approved, he recommends for me to see a Neurologist and speak to them about my problem and see what they can do. He told me they may want me to see a Neurologist before they give me the approval.
I hope it can get approved. I've been doing everything I can to make this pain and these symptoms go away and it's not working. I want to get the MRI to see if it could reveal something that could be contributing to this.
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2022.01.22 02:19 queezy0 Look at this

Look at this Cross on his forehead
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2022.01.22 02:19 SeeNLeave Any Update regarding wether the exam hold in Feb/March series in India?

The above question
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2022.01.22 02:19 bucket--bot not right...

i don't listen to look like I'm pretty cool!!
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2022.01.22 02:19 satans6stain RiverCraft SMP [semi-vanilla] {whitelist}

Hello! I am the owner of an amazing community server! We are an 18+ Community that is looking to expand and find new friends. We are a diverse and inclusive family looking for active members that are open to monthly events, shopping district, community builds, and much more! Currently in Season 3 of Rivercraft we are upping the ante! On top of an active player base, we are looking to add members that will become a part of the family. (If you are into posting on social media, feel free to apply as well!)
Coming Soon...
Event plans for the next few months, Game Nights, Websites, and more...?!?!
To maintain the vanilla feel, we try to keep the plugins to a minimum.
-DiscordSRV (connects in game chat to discord and allows communication from offline members)
-Essentials X (Private message, colored names, and commands for admin use only that ensure that the server runs smoothly)
-MobHeads (Drops Mob heads when killed)
(The world sleep percentage is also set to 1 to allow single player sleep)
If RiverCraft is just what you are looking for, message RiverCraft SMP#7247 On discord for an application. Once that is completed message back and wait for your application to be reviewed. We try to get to as many done as possible! If you have any questions, feel free to message the discord account and we will be happy to answer them!
Thank you for your patience, we hope to see you soon!
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2022.01.22 02:19 blackfingernailbreh for $55🤣!?

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2022.01.22 02:19 postmastern Почему у обычного стула четыре ножки, а у офисного кресла колес — пять?

Законы статики говорят, что кресло устойчиво, пока его центр тяжести вместе с человеком находится над контуром, описанным вокруг его опор. Поэтому, чем меньше опор, тем сильнее их приходится разносить. Однако каждая следующая опора удорожает конструкцию, давая все меньший вклад в устойчивость.
ФотоGetty Images
Обычные стулья ограничиваются четырьмя ножками, ради простоты прямоугольных соединений и удобства складирования. А вот крутящееся кресло с центральной стойкой получает от пятой опоры важные преимущества. Оно не только сохраняет устойчивость при меньшем размере лап, но и безопаснее при поломке одного из колес. А еще оно меньше шатается на неровном полу. У стула центр тяжести находится над диагоналями, и если одна из ножек не касается пола, стул качается. У пятиколесного кресла диагонали проходят мимо центра, и такие сиденья менее склонны раскачиваться.
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2022.01.22 02:19 Munchyman232 What Should I Add to my Bar?

Over the past year I've building a collection of bottles based on the wonderful posts here on cocktails and the usual suspect bar books.
I tend to pick up 1-2 bottles a month to round out the collection and I was hoping I could pick the collective hive mind for suggestions on what to get next.
Apologies for the long wall of text and the formatting:
Amari: * Amaro Averna * Amaro Ramazzotti * Amaro Nonnino * Cynar * Campari * Aperol
Bourbon/Rye * Rittenhouse * bourbon Old Pepper Rye 4 Yr Barrel Pick * Knob Creek 100 * Makers 101 * Makers 46
Scotch * Chivas 12
Gin * Tanqueray * Drumshanbo
Tequila * Espolón blanco * Espolón reposado
Vodka * Tito’s
Rum/Tiki * Velvet Falernum * St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram * Hamilton pot still gold * Hamilton 86 Demerara * Hamilton 151 * Plantation OFTD * Plantation 3 stars * Flor de Cana 5 * Appleton signature * Denizen Merchants Reserve * Cruzan Blackstrap
Liqueurs/Vermouth * Mr Black * Green chartreuse * Yellow chartreuse * Benedictine * Cointreau * PF dry curaçao * Dolin dry * Cocchi vermouth di Torino * Suze * St. George Absinthe Verte * Amaretto * Skrewball * Luxardo Maraschino * Lilet blanc
Cognac * Kirkland XO cognac
Mezcal * TJs Mezcal
Bitters * Angostura * Angostura Orange * Fee Brothers Orange * Regan’s Orange * Fee Brothers Chocolate * Peychaud’s
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2022.01.22 02:19 Blackxp PSA: It's been months now and hippos have not been added to the game yet.

As the original reddit post mentioned back in October, “They should add hippos. Big beefy boys. Scary like a mix between a bear and a gator. Would be pretty sweet. Imagine being charged by a hippo.”
It’s been months now and there is no mention of the development of hippos in the game in any of these developer blogs. I know people are outraged by bugs, weapon balancing, etc but I think this should have an entire team dedicated to it.
Quest Start: Ebonscale. You come across a trader named Dave that specializes in obtaining rare and exotic animals for the Dynasty menagerie.
Unfortunately his shipment did not arrive properly and it needs to be tracked down because this mysterious animal has gone missing.
You then search various port towns, checking manifests, talking to people, checking crates.
Eventually you come across a broken crate on the shore of Reekwater.
You follow a trail into a nearby swampy area to find it. A corrupted hippo. Level 70 elite. It’s got the stompy moves. It can charge. Difficulty equivalent of a level 10 trying to solo papa bear. Needs 5+ people to fight it.
As you lower it’s health past stage 1, an NPC with a severely Australian accent helps you by offering you tips. You need to use heavy attacks to knock it out. Then someone on your team needs to use your Azoth staff to attempt to remove the corruption from the hippo.
You need to do this 3 times before eventually the NPC working with you captures it. He ends up being Dave’s adventurous brother who also attempted to track down the hippo, Dhave.
You return to Ebonscale. Everyone is pleased. Perhaps future animal capture quests to be had from this NPC. Also make the fight perhaps repeatable. Giving a new high level beast enemy to fight. Quest rewards a pet baby hippo for your house and 10,000 mutator orbs.
Thank you for the consideration AGS. Would like to see someone post here saying that this has been brought to the attention of the developers. It’s been too long since this has been suggested. We need hippos in the game really bad.
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2022.01.22 02:19 a-cute-puncture Sunpeed Triton tire upgrade

Nag-iipon ako ng pang-upgrade sa stock tires ni Triton. Confirm ko lang, kasya ba yung 700x28c tires sa front & rear? Tumitingin na ko sa Lazada at Shopee ng tires, so far nakikita ko yung Continental Ultra Sport, yun ang madalas mabasa ko na recommended sa road bikes.
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2022.01.22 02:19 Everborne Hobby Creators and Accountability

How long should one be willing to wait for a commissioned piece, before pursuing some form of refund/other compensation?
For context, I subscribed to a 40k creator's Patreon for 3 months, from March to May 2021. The benefits of the Patreon tier that I subscribed to included, amongst other things, one product per month. I won't go into specifics for now as I'm not quite ready to name and shame, and am willing to give the creator the benefit of the doubt for now.
In discussing the first product, the creator was initially responsive. However, after a while, they began taking longer to reply, and fobbed off my inquiries with platitudes like "I'm making good progress on it". They agreed to provide WIP photos when I asked, but then ghosted me thereafter. I have receipts of everything, if necessary.
To this day, I have yet to receive any of the three products, nor any of the other supposed benefits of the Patreon tier I paid for. After the initial 3 months of subbing, I'd asked the creator if it was alright for me to unsub, and if I would still get the products from my 3 months of subscribing. They assured me that I would.
I've since reached out to the creator in Instagram, Patreon and Discord, all to no avail. I certainly don't think this sort of behavior is acceptable, but wanted to see what the hivemind thinks.
Is this normal/acceptable for 40k hobby creators? If not, what avenues do I have to pursue some form of recourse?
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2022.01.22 02:19 primetime1766 Hut champs update

First champs of nhl 22 and currently 0-4-2. Clearly being outmatched. I’m surprised I got 2 games into overtime. If I win 0 do I get nothing. At this point I’d settle for a disconnect win
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2022.01.22 02:19 Odd_School3214 Is going through the military for HVAC experience a good idea?

I was wondering, would it be a good choice to do HVAC in the military (A.F.) rather then taking the normal trade school route? Does having the military experience add more value to my HVAC experience opposed to a regular technician?
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2022.01.22 02:19 Freeroll_Events VQ,Gan+C.L.I.P. Unbelievable. Words in, animation out

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2022.01.22 02:19 Few-Round775 23/M looking for a fun and interesting conversation to get me through tonight!

I'm a very down to earth and funny person, I joke alot even if something is dark or messed up (I have a very dark humor) and all in all just looking for a good talk whether it's long term or short term is fine. Messages and dm are open!
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2022.01.22 02:19 OWLIEEEE25 Watching Season 10

So in season 10 it seemed like Kody was talking about the catfish situation being his fault. He was actually taking blame and accountability. He also didn’t seem mad at her but mad at himself. He even sticks up for her with Mariah and says he doesn’t think she would have actually left him. He seems like he is thinking about working things out. So do we think this was a big facade or was he being sincere? It doesn’t seem like normal Kody behavior. I think he wanted to look like the supporting husband so he could make her look worse. But I’m curious to see what everyone else thinks!
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2022.01.22 02:19 throwitawayawh I wish I have the courage to kill my ex-boyfriend. (NSFW)

Around August of 2019, I had a classmate who I started talking to, he was the class president of our class so he talked to everybody. He was very nice and very hardworking at first and I guess that's what made me attracted to him. We hit it off instantly and soon enough we started dating.
Not even 2 months in though that he started to get sexual and I was uneasy because I never got sexually with anyone before, we were both sixteen at that time so yeah. But I went along with it.
Then October came round and it was our semester break. He invited me over to his dorm to watch a movie since all of his roommates were going back to their family while he was the only one left. I knew what his intentions were but I was just not comfortable and ready to have sex at all that time, so I told him that I didn't want to go any further. He was like 'please, just dry humping, that's it, I promise.' and he kept begging and begging until I just said yes but only to dry humping.
The next day, I went to his dorm (it was 5 fucking am by the way and I had to walk to his dorm and cold and moist because I've just taken a shower). I laid on his bed to rest because my legs were tired from all the walking but not even 3 minutes in he got on top of me and started taking off my pants along with my underwear and I told him 'what the fuck are you doing? I thought we agreed on dry humping? please stop' and he just totally ignored me and just kept repeating 'I promise I'll go slow, I'm not going to hurt you' and at that point tears were rolling down my face and I just froze when I felt his dick in me. I didn't know what to do, I just froze. I felt nothing but pain, he was going rough and dry and it was just a painful fucking experience. He asked me if I was okay and I just nodded my head. I didn't know why. Maybe because I just wanted it to be over. I thought that this was what love was. We did it a couple of times that day in different, painful positions, we both were not paying attention to the movie. I was just in pain. I convinced myself it felt good and even faked my orgasm all throughout. He didn't even walk me to my house, he just gave me money and told me to 'stay safe'.
When I went home that day, I took another shower and cried so hard because I felt so disgusting and terrified and heartbroken. But even after all that I forced myself to think that it was okay and that I felt good.
It didn't stop there. He would sexually harass and assault me in the class and infront of my friends that my friends were making fun of it and my other classmates were talking behind my back and agreed that I was a whore and a slut. I stopped talking to my some of my friends because I didn't want to make them uncomfortable because my boyfriend would just grab my boobs and play with it infront of them.
I let him in my apartment to have sleepovers, to do whatever like he was paying rent. It was a one bedroom apartment and I lived with my older sister and whenever he was there, we would stay at the bedroom while my sister slept in the living room. (She usually sleeps there anyways because she would arrive home from school very late at night because of practice and stuff, but I would still feel bad that she would just sleep at the couch). But yeah, it was so bad (the sex) that he would only last like 2 minutes maximum and doesn't give a flying fuck if I even finished and just told me that he'll make me cum the next round. Spoiler alert: I didn't cum.
It was so bad, some of my friends were concerned but I told them I was fine, despite all of my other classmates judging me and eyeing me like I was some monster but would rarely even take a second to look at my boyfriend. I pretended everything was fine. I was rose tinted glasses glued to my face. I thought this was what love was. The feeling of being violated, uncomfortable, that it was normal to feel physically sick just thinking about it. But I loved him. I loved him that I spent my month's allowance on gifts and food for his birthday while I paid for all of my food and treated myself on my birthday while his gift to me was broken thrifted shoes that didn't fit me and sex that only made him feel good. I loved him that I was willing to miss my sister's long and awaited musical play just so he could 'get a piece of me'. I loved him even though he would ask me for money when he knew I had received my monthly allowance to play games on the computer shop and forget about my existence. I loved him so much that I cooked lunch for him and bring it to school but he would either skip last minute or pretend that he was sick but I knew all along he was just chilling in the computer shop.
I was so fucking sick and tired that I pulled a sick prank on him and told him I was pregnant and showed him a photo that I edited and made it look like the pregnancy test was positive. He got mad at me. But I had no regrets because I thought that that would make him use protection more (because we would often go raw rather than use condoms). But it didn't change at all. And our relationship kept going for months.
And COVID rolled around. We were both seventeen now. And at first I was so fucking glad that he was going back to his family because I didn't have to see that fucking disgusting piece of shit. But now I was more annoyed the fact that he would only talk to me online at 2 am because his parents didn't approve of our relationship and if I told my parents that I was in a relationship they would kill me. I ruined my sleeping schedule because of him that I would get little to no sleep at all. This kept on going for months.
Until it hit around June. Where we would force me to do sexual things in front of the camera. I sobbed whenever he did that, and told him I was uncomfortable doing that. He would get angry at me and this would go on for HOURS. He would stop talking to me when I say no and would say shit like 'You don't love me anymore. I just want to see you and cum.' fucking shit like that. I would finally agree and just get it over with. I would cry while doing it, but he just didn't care at all. Like his main objective in life was to just fucking cum. And after he finishes, he would say nothing and end the call. He later texts me saying 'I got to sleep, my mom will find out that I'm talking to you. Goodnight.' He just left me there. To cry.
Still the same month, and he broke up with me over some stupid little shit his brain can't comprehend. I told him that 'once he's through, there's no going back'. And he would 'cry' and beg me to stay but I had some self-reflection that time and told him to fuck off.
I got revenge, or what I thought was revenge. I would talk to my classmates how he was a monster and sexually abused me and they would feel sorry for me, but are still friends with him and they would make sick jokes. My ex told them that I was a monster and that he had no idea what I was on. I took his spot as class president because I was better in it than he was at it anyway. But it would just take a toll on me on how much work I gotta do. He was still my classmate and so I had to tolerate him. I had to tolerate everyone. I felt sick. I only had like 4 friends but I'm really fucking glad they stayed with me.
I left alot of parts out because this alone is already long and I don't know how many of you guys are still reading.
But to the people who are probably wondering why I stayed as long as I did, it's because I was a stupid fucking sixteen-seventeen year old who didn't know any better and I thought this was what love was. I am dumb. So I also blame myself for staying as long as I did. I wished I snapped out of it and left immediately. He also said that he would harm himself if I left so I was scared. Whenever I say no, he would give me the silent treatment and would be mad at me. He emotionally and sexually abused me.
I know I am only eighteen and that was still very recent and I had developed trauma and get nightmares because of it. I am only eighteen but I learned from alot of my mistakes. I didn't get any sincere apology from him and my classmates. I don't even want to see their faces anymore. I want to kill him. If only I had the courage to bash his fucking head in, to rip his fucking orgams out while he's still conscious, or run him over with a truck, slice his fucking dick off, just torture him alive. I want him dead And every single time I think about torturing him I feel no regrets or disgust. I'm not sorry for thinking about it. I'm not sorry for daydreaming about slicing his throat and make my classmates drink his blood. I want to grill his chopped dick and feed it to the people who judged me, especially those two girls who called me a slut and whore when they themselves can't live without male validation and dick inside them. Fuck everyone. Fuck my ex-boyfriend. I can't even imagine that he's currently in a school for ministers, how could he ever live without pussy in that state? And how could he ever face some God knowing what he fucking did?
My last words to him were, 'You deserve a special place in hell.'
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2022.01.22 02:19 Orkojoker It would be nice if they had dropped me off with more than just a pack of cigarettes.

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2022.01.22 02:19 Latter_Cloud_2724 This is my first ever post here towards the top of that bowl there you’ll see a nugget that looks a different color. I thought maybe it was just some extra powder that entire nugget is actually nothing but powder is near as I can tell let’s hope it’s the only one in the bag lol

This is my first ever post here towards the top of that bowl there you’ll see a nugget that looks a different color. I thought maybe it was just some extra powder that entire nugget is actually nothing but powder is near as I can tell let’s hope it’s the only one in the bag lol submitted by Latter_Cloud_2724 to mildlyinfuriating [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 02:19 NicRamT check

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2022.01.22 02:19 NicePirate22 Am I being unreasonable?

I moved down to Florida for med school and stayed with family initially but wanted my own place so this is my very first rental and I wanted to make sure I was not being unreasonable when I confronted my housemates because I am new to this. To start I was told the other tenants were solo students, turns out they aren't students but 2 adults with toddlers (I blame me for this one, I should of at least tried to meet the other tenants before sending the deposit). I have to wake at 7am mon-sat for school and they don't put the toddlers to bed until like 4 am. Until around 4am the kids are running around, yelling, crying (met with their parents screaming), banging toys against my door (or occasionally opening my door, there is no lock currently). I get toddlers are hard to control, so I have done my best just to suck this up, but the parents blast reggae until 3-4 am, which since they are adults I felt was fair to talk to them about. I asked if they could lower the volume to a level that at least it didn't vibrate my room (I bought Bose sleepbuds to drain the noise) and I was met with a surprisingly negative reaction. They live off aid and don't have to wake early for anything so while I have responsibilities early in the morning that is my choice, would be the PG version of their response. Was I being an ass here? I feel that it's reasonable to ask for things to be relatively quite past midnight so only asking for music volume that didn't physically vibrate me during those hours didn't seem that bad.
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2022.01.22 02:19 owldb Amatsuki - Charm of Love Lyrics + English Translation

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2022.01.22 02:19 tefuror Great sportsmanship

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2022.01.22 02:19 zZzTheDude I'm a grocery store

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