we're getting roasted

2022.01.22 02:37 thepurplemirror we're getting roasted

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2022.01.22 02:37 Waloogiboi Just finished Chainsaw Man, so I'm gonna make a tier list for Makima's matchups. Give me your best and worst.

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2022.01.22 02:37 Broad-Ad-6102 Man in my dark backyard

Man in my backyard at Night
Unknown Man on my property at night
I’m a female teenager that has been known to sneak out at night through her backyard gate. Usually I would hang out with my friends or my ex but tonight a man parked in front of my house. We were trying to look through the window and I saw him walk back to his car and drive off. This was around 9 pm and I’ve never let anyone through that gate unless it was my ex. My ex says it was not him (since he lives far away from me.) The man seemed young almost like a doppelgänger of my ex. He was slim, tall, dark long hair and tan skin. It feels very creepy. The gate is locked at the moment but I did not have time to call the police. I don’t know what to do. I’ve asked everyone but no one knew or was at my house apparently. It’s strange because I’ve never invited anyone to the gate because I never let them get that far into my house. I don’t have cameras but I’ve lived in a good neighborhood. The guy seemed to familiar and young which made it odd to me. Leading to the gate is walking through the front yard towards the side of my house that is past my parents and my room next to the gate. The guy drove a huge car like a Toyota but wagon car model. I’m still a little spooked out so I will be sleeping away from my room. This wouldn’t be the first time a man has trespassed in the property.
When I first moved into this property a man in the area had injured his wife with a knife and was on the run. My father was able to ask him why he was in our backyard covered in blood and having his prostate out. Eventually the police tracked him down as my dad started threatening him with a machete. The sudden appearance of a man trying to stalk me or be near me with a malicious intent frightens me still.
I explain to my mother that I don’t know who it was but someone was parked in the street and seemed suspicious. She said not to make a big deal out of it. But something about the timing and events make things too odd.
If anything I’ll up date on the story. As I will check the gate first thing in the morning.
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2022.01.22 02:37 beersngears This house that looks like Groucho Marx.

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2022.01.22 02:37 Kevichsky Matzo ball soup but only the matzo balls

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2022.01.22 02:37 PotatoGalaxyYT Rate my Players chances

For context: because its a 4 player group, im starting them at death house at lvl 3. If they escape, they'll start the rest of the game at lvl 4. Some encounters have been modified, but for the sake of simplicity i wont mention them.
Carric: a level 3 bladesinger wizard with that sweet sweet edge (he has a living shadow following him around)
Valeria: a level 3 samurai assimar who is new to the game, but enthusiastic as all get out.
Kyron: a level 3 ranger of the primeval guardian conclave (i think that's the name, idk its the one where you turn into a tree). Hes all a tiefling and is obsessed with dragons. Too bad theres only one in Barovia. And hes fricken dead!
Surenka: a level 3 cleric, kalashtar reborm, dream domain. Probably my favorite set up out of any character I've seen, but she's only ever played really offensive classes, so im hoping she can learn to be the teams designated anti tpk machine
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2022.01.22 02:37 mcfetrja Ever notice how there are guitar players we don’t make fun of?

Like Mark Knopfler, Derek Trucks, Buddy Guy, Taj Mahal, dude from Air, dudes from Skynyrd, Bocephus, and me? Guess if you never say or play something stupid you don’t get jerked. Any others we want to add to the list?
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2022.01.22 02:37 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Motorist Assist S JONES BLVD and N CC 215; S NB NO 01/21/2022 09:36:40 PM
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2022.01.22 02:37 Historical_Egg_5133 Healthy life with iava burn

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2022.01.22 02:37 Phil-19-91 anime_irl

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2022.01.22 02:37 Red__Guy Air Link Laggy

I was messing with the air Link settings when I set the bitrate to max and now I can't set it back to auto can someone tell me how to without needing to put on the headset or how to reset the oculus app back to factory settings since reinstalling does not do that
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2022.01.22 02:37 taekken Please help me find this color block turtleneck!

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2022.01.22 02:37 LambentEnigma Blue Exorcist - 'Aoekumikyoku 2Nd-Mov.: 5P+3P' by Hiroyuki Sawano

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2022.01.22 02:37 S1nsPride Non-MLS/MLT ASCP/AAB/AMT Certifications for General Science Graduates (Biology, Chemistry, etc.)

Hey all! Over the year or so that I've been working in diagnostic labs, I've asked (and been asked) what certifications a non-MLS/MLT program graduate would be eligible for. After combing through the selection of certifications relating to medical laboratory diagnostics from ASCP, AAB, and AMT, I've compiled a list of possible certifications for those seeking to enter diagnostics in non-MLS/MLT roles. These typically require education and/or experience in one way or another, but if you meet the criteria, then this is a great way to get your feet wet if you're interested in getting closer to the field!

Of course, there are major caveats to this, such as the fact that many hospitals will likely not consider you based on one of these certifications alone, or that AAB is typically not recognized as an acceptable certification outside of specific states. However, I feel like if the opportunity is there for you, then you could definitely segue further into the field through reference labs. With COVID-19 looking to stay, I'm sure many reference laboratories are looking to hire techs for molecular testing. I initially started in molecular diagnostics at a reference lab, and here I am a year later, pursuing my MLS through a program. I wish I had known about this field much sooner in life and how to obtain certification, but I'm hoping that this can prove useful to others seeking non-traditional or categorical certifications for their field of interest!
*Feel free to correct any entries or add any that I missed!
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2022.01.22 02:37 juaquint930 Job costs CB a bank job due to scuff

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2022.01.22 02:37 bucket--bot will watch yt comments from those jpegmafia “instrumentals” but not

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2022.01.22 02:37 pork_ribs Speed gauge from a popular ping website.

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2022.01.22 02:37 Baolnar Some assistance with glMultiDrawElementsIndirect

I am having issues where a glMultiDrawElementsIndirect command does not render 2 quads on the screen but when I replace it with it's equivalent according to the documentation at https://www.khronos.org/registry/OpenGL-Refpages/gl4/html/glMultiDrawElementsIndirect.xhtml it does show my 2 textured quads.
Just wondering if anyone can figure out what may be the reason the glMultiDrawElementsIndirect command equivalent works but the regular single command one doesn't.
Here is the code I use to populate the buffers:

MYGLAPI(glBindVertexArray(m_staticVAO)); // vertices...position, normal, texcoords... MYGLAPI(glBindBuffer(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, m_staticVBO)); MYGLAPI(glEnableVertexAttribArray(0)); MYGLAPI(glVertexAttribPointer(0, 3, GL_FLOAT, GL_FALSE, sizeof(float) * 8, (const void*)0)); MYGLAPI(glEnableVertexAttribArray(1)); MYGLAPI(glVertexAttribPointer(1, 3, GL_FLOAT, GL_FALSE, sizeof(float) * 8, (const void*)(sizeof(float) * 3))); MYGLAPI(glEnableVertexAttribArray(2)); MYGLAPI(glVertexAttribPointer(2, 2, GL_FLOAT, GL_FALSE, sizeof(float) * 8, (const void*)(sizeof(float) * 6))); MYGLAPI(glBufferData(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, m_vertices.size() * sizeof(MathLib::Vertex3D), &m_vertices.front(), GL_STATIC_DRAW)); MYGLAPI(glBindBuffer(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, 0)); //Instance model matrices... MYGLAPI(glBindBuffer(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, m_staticInstanceBO)); std::size_t vec4Size = sizeof(MathLib::vec4); MYGLAPI(glEnableVertexAttribArray(4)); MYGLAPI(glVertexAttribPointer(4, 4, GL_FLOAT, false, (GLsizei)(vec4Size * 4), (void*)0)); MYGLAPI(glEnableVertexAttribArray(5)); MYGLAPI(glVertexAttribPointer(5, 4, GL_FLOAT, false, (GLsizei)(vec4Size * 4), (void*)(vec4Size * 1))); MYGLAPI(glEnableVertexAttribArray(6)); MYGLAPI(glVertexAttribPointer(6, 4, GL_FLOAT, false, (GLsizei)(vec4Size * 4), (void*)(vec4Size * 2))); MYGLAPI(glEnableVertexAttribArray(7)); MYGLAPI(glVertexAttribPointer(7, 4, GL_FLOAT, false, (GLsizei)(vec4Size * 4), (void*)(vec4Size * 3))); MYGLAPI(glBufferData(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, sizeof(MathLib::mat4) * m_model_matrices.size(), &m_model_matrices.front(), GL_STATIC_DRAW)); MYGLAPI(glVertexAttribDivisor(4, 1)); MYGLAPI(glVertexAttribDivisor(5, 1)); MYGLAPI(glVertexAttribDivisor(6, 1)); MYGLAPI(glVertexAttribDivisor(7, 1)); MYGLAPI(glBindBuffer(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, 0)); // indices... unsigned int total_indices_size = sizeof(unsigned int) * (unsigned int)m_indices.size(); MYGLAPI(glBindBuffer(GL_ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER, m_staticIndexBO)); MYGLAPI(glBufferData(GL_ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER, total_indices_size, NULL, GL_STATIC_DRAW)); unsigned int indexOffset = 0; MYGLAPI(glBufferData(GL_ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER, total_indices_size, &m_indices.front(), GL_STATIC_DRAW)); //feed the draw command data to the gpu MYGLAPI(glBindBuffer(GL_DRAW_INDIRECT_BUFFER, m_IndirectBuffer)); MYGLAPI(glBufferData(GL_DRAW_INDIRECT_BUFFER, m_draw_commands.size() * sizeof(SDrawElementsIndirectCommand), m_draw_commands.data(), GL_STATIC_DRAW)); // disabled draw id attribute for now as I am not using it... //feed the instance id to the shader. //glBindBuffer(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, m_drawIDBuffer); //glEnableVertexAttribArray(3); //glBufferData(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, sizeof(unsigned int) * m_draw_ids.size(), &m_draw_ids.front(), GL_STATIC_DRAW); //glVertexAttribIPointer(3, 1, GL_UNSIGNED_INT, 0, 0); //glVertexAttribDivisor(3, 1); //only once per instance MYGLAPI(glBindBuffer(GL_DRAW_INDIRECT_BUFFER, 0)); //glBindBuffer(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, 0); MYGLAPI(glBindVertexArray(0)); 

Here is my render function that does not produce the quads:
MYGLAPI(glBindVertexArray(m_staticVAO)); MYGLAPI(glBindBuffer(GL_DRAW_INDIRECT_BUFFER, m_IndirectBuffer)); MYGLAPI(glMultiDrawElementsIndirect(GL_TRIANGLES, GL_UNSIGNED_INT, 0, (GLsizei)m_draw_commands.size(), 0)); 
Here is the MultriDrawElements equivalent that does produce the quads:
MYGLAPI(glBindVertexArray(m_staticVAO)); GLsizei n; int stride = 0; for (n = 0; n < m_draw_commands.size(); n++) { const SDrawElementsIndirectCommand* cmd; if (stride != 0) { cmd = (const SDrawElementsIndirectCommand*)((unsigned int*)m_draw_commands.data() + n * stride); } else { cmd = (const SDrawElementsIndirectCommand*)m_draw_commands.data() + n; } glDrawElementsInstancedBaseVertexBaseInstance(GL_TRIANGLES, cmd->count, GL_UNSIGNED_INT, (const void*)(cmd->first_index * sizeof(unsigned int)), cmd->instance_count, cmd->base_vertex, cmd->base_instance); } 
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2022.01.22 02:37 Bladeblazer Bro what??? I hate this app. I had to force scan the original item to bypass this nonsense. Has this ever happened to anyone? What would you do?

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2022.01.22 02:37 ddschg Industry baby AMV

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2022.01.22 02:37 AmazonBulkBuyer What sort of credit do you get if you return an item to the store

If you order something from cvs or target using doordash and went to return it would the receipt from doordash count for those retailers. Also does anyone know if they would give a refund through store credit or somehow through doordash?
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2022.01.22 02:37 RudyGalvan [USA-CA][H] Gaming PC, Red Devil RX 6600 XT [W] Local, Cash

I'm selling a brand new gaming PC, I live in Irvine https://imgur.com/a/wd1z8R4 I built it for a friend but he's broke at the moment, the PC was built in November and it's just been sitting there, the only thing that is used is the case, the case was mine, so I took the chance to upgrade my case... Price: $1300 Specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 3600XT GPU: Red Devil RX 6600 XT MB: Tuf gaming x570 plus wifi RAM: Trident Z 16GB 3200 16c PSU: Corsair 650w Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO Case: NZXT H510. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.
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2022.01.22 02:37 TC19962022 Il y a avait 3 mois que j'ai déménagé au Québec de l'Ontario - AMA

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2022.01.22 02:37 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Economy] - Families battling cost of living crisis become new targets for fraudsters | Telegraph

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2022.01.22 02:37 kauth87 Season 3 Episode 2

I'm watching this episode and Janice is the ultimate cringe!!!!!! Why did form that weird circle during the reception. So awkward!!!
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