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Anyone know how the "Pay Yourself" scam works?

2022.01.22 01:37 benalt613 Anyone know how the "Pay Yourself" scam works?

I received an email from Wells Fargo warning about a scam called "Pay Yourself":

They may tell you that they've noticed suspicious activity, such as money being sent from your account to another account, and ask you to send money to yourself using Zelle® to "reverse" the payment. This particular scam is on the rise and is referred to as the "Pay Yourself" scam.
I searched about for more information and only found articles saying the victims literally sent money to themselves only to find it disappeared. What mistake did they make? One article on it is here: https://abc7chicago.com/bank-of-america-zelle-mobile-payment-app-scam-money-transfe10987324/
From the article:
When she sent herself the $3,500 through Zelle, the money disappeared. What she can't figure out is why sending money through Zelle to her own email or phone number didn't get to her.
Any idea how that can happen?
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2022.01.22 01:37 Bennykill709 Deicide: Chapter Four

Google Docs Version (Comments Enabled)
Prologue (Start Here!)
Previous Chapter
Cover Art (WIP)

[NSFW: Language]

It was a dream come true, and not just for Sarah. For 40 years, the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life was a known fact. However, it had also been 40 years since even a shred of evidence had been discovered. The entire scientific community throughout the galaxy was chomping at the bit as soon as the news broke. Had administration not kept the location a secret, the sites would have already been inundated with millions. Everybody from respected scientists, to journalists, to tourists, thrill-seekers, and conspiracy nutjobs. Everybody and their mother wanted to be part of this story.
Sarah was glad to be one of a handful of scientists to be trusted to head an expedition, but she was also starting to feel overwhelmed by the pressure that was suddenly on her shoulders. After the initial public briefing, Sarah was pulled into a smaller conference, where she was briefed on the atmospheric and environmental conditions.
The structure was one of several on the planet in a vast desert band that covered all land within 60 degrees of the equator. There was little trace of biological life within that band, but the poles were thick jungles of pitch-black flora. There were oceans as well, covering nearly 40 percent of the planets surface. The water appeared black as well, possibly due to a large quantity of algae or bacteria.
The atmosphere did contain a breathable level of oxygen, but all expeditions were still required to wear environment suits until an extensive microbial survey could be completed, and any necessary inoculations could be developed and administered.
Sarah paid extra attention to the safety briefing. All groups were going to be accompanied by a pair of highly trained, mechanically augmented personnel. It was standard fare for any planetside expeditions for years now, but there were still scattered grumbles from scientists that opposed the measure. Sarah had some reservations about including military on scientific expeditions, but she was also part of the reason why the measure was created in the first place.
Also assigned to her team were a xenobiologist and an exogeologist, neither of whom Sarah recognized, though she was happy to see that they were both young doctors with impressive CV’s, even if the geologist did have Persephone as their alma mater. After all of the briefings were completed and the itinerary written, Sarah still had a few hours left to gather anything she felt that she needed. Once she arrived at her domicile, she began pacing her home nervously. She grabbed a dusty travel bag from her closet and began packing things.
“I don’t think you’ll really need those.” Hugo said as Sarah grabbed a few pairs of pants. Sarah looked at him, then put the pants back in their drawer. She moved into the bathroom and started collecting toiletries. “I don’t believe you’ll be able to use those in your suit.” Hugo said. Sarah put the items back in a huff. She was starting to get annoyed. “To be honest, I don’t think you’ll need to bring anything more than your daily items.”
Sarah was restless but didn’t know what to do. She sat down on her bed and crossed her arms. Hugo knew the body language. He was designed to identify it and do what he could to help. He sat on the mattress next to her and placed a hand on her back.
“You still have a few hours before the transport leaves. Why don’t you lay back and relax for a little while?” Hugo’s words were followed by a tensioned sigh from Sarah. She followed his instruction and pulled herself to comfortably lay on the bed. Hugo laid next to her, wrapping an arm over her belly. “What’s got you so stressed? Isn’t this something you’ve been looking forward to?” Hugo asked.
“It is... I just... haven’t been on an expedition for a while.” Sarah weaved her fingers in with Hugo’s.
“It will be like riding a bike, for sure.”
“I’m not so sure...” Thoughts were running through Sarah’s head.
It didn’t seem like she was going to sleep, so Hugo decided to try another method of stress relief. Sarah felt his fingers pop and extend, then start to slither around and slip under her garments. Sarah, surprisingly, slapped his hand away and jumped out of bed away from him.
“No! Stop!” Sarah said. Hugo appeared shocked. He was no longer touching her, but he could tell that she was shaking.
“I don’t understand, what’s wrong?” Hugo said. “You’ve never pulled away from me like that before.”
Sarah paused, unsure of how to respond. She could barely even look at Hugo. She again began to pace, and she was now nervously biting her thumbnail. Hugo remained on the bed in silence, giving Sarah an opportunity to express herself in her own time.
“The last time I was on an expedition... well, you know what happened, right?” Sarah asked.
“I... well, Hugo, passed away during your last expedition, correct?”
“Yes... to put it mildly.” Sarah took a deep breath, leaning back against a wall and looking at her feet. “I uh... watched... as Hugo was torn apart by an alien creature.” Chills ran down Sarah’s spine as she recalled it.
“I’m... sorry to hear that. Though, I am surprised that those details aren’t available to me.”
“Yeah... After it happened, I found myself re-watching the video over and over until it was affecting my work, and my colleagues and psychiatrist insisted that I delete it, and everything related to it.”
“Ah, I understand. I think that was a good move.”
“I agree. I think I’ve been doing pretty good suppressing it, but unfortunately, it’s not possible to erase the event from my brain. Now, with a new expedition falling in my lap, I feel like it’s all coming back.” As Sarah spoke, Hugo slowly approached her and held her hand, gently guiding her back to sit on the bed.
“I don’t know if this will provide any solace, but I can assure you that it won’t happen again.” Hugo said. Sarah laughed.
“Yeah. With what we know about the planet, and with new safety procedures put in place since, every reasonable part of me says that this expedition will be safe. I just can’t shake the feeling.”
“That anxiety and fear that you are feeling is a fear of the unknown. It will give you a heightened awareness of your surroundings. If you go into that structure and don’t feel fear, then you might be suicidal, or have some other emotional disorder.”
“I suppose that helps.” Sarah gripped Hugo’s hand and smiled at him.
“I find it interesting that you developed a sexual attraction to alien forms.”
“Well, that... It’s not really new. And I imagine it’s pretty common too since first contact. Even before then, tentacles were a popular fetish. I think that ‘fear of the unknown’ that you mentioned can help to enhance the pleasure.”
“I see. I understand why you may not be interested in doing that right now. Perhaps after the first expedition, when we have determined the structures are as lifeless as they appear, you might be interested again?” Hugo said with a smile.
“Perhaps...” Sarah responded, mirroring his expression.
“Until then, maybe you’d like to relieve your stress the ‘old fashioned’ way?”
“Oh yeah?” Sarah said with a laugh. She wanted to argue with him that having sex with an AI driven digital simulation wasn’t exactly ‘old fashioned’, but she held her tongue. Instead, she leaned in and gave him a short kiss. “How about we just take a nice, comfortable nap?”
“Sure thing!” Hugo agreed without hesitation.
After cuddling up on the bed, Sarah relaxed and closed her eyes. Hugo’s grip on her was gentle. The slightly irregular pattern in his breathing drew Sarah’s focus whenever the fears and memories threatened to fill her mind. Hugo monitored her sleeping pattern closely, and after a full cycle, brought her back to consciousness.
Ultimately, Sarah didn’t pack anything except for a mystery lunch that Hugo whipped up while she was sleeping. They arrived at the station docks with time to spare before the jump. She was still nervous, and the feeling only continued to grow as the jump drew closer, but she did feel that the conversation and nap with Hugo helped ease her tension tremendously. Beyond that, there was an excitement growing. She wanted to be ready as soon as they arrived, so she was happy to see that the OTech transport was already docked and taking on passengers.
The transport was a specialty design, intended to double as a temporary expedition base while a more permanent one could be raised on-site. After stepping through the airlock, Sarah was guided to the locker room. She found a locker with her name on it and found an environment suit inside, just her size. She left her things in the locker and pulled on as much of the suit as she could before Hugo had to remind her that he couldn’t help button her up.
Sarah didn’t like that the suits couldn’t be fully closed by the user. She understood that it was by design, but the last time she wore one, her husband was there to help her into it. Now, she had to rely on a stranger. She took her helmet and walked to the ready room. It was already bustling with several teams of scientists bunched up in small groups, and a line of much larger personnel standing neatly near the airlocks. They were clearly not scientists. Sarah wasn’t sure they were even human, appearing much more like large bipedal combat drones.
She looked around the room to find her own team. Hugo pointed them out, though he didn’t need to as they were waiving to get her attention. Sarah gave them a polite wave back and approached.
“Greetings, Dr. Donner!” The exogeologist said as he stepped up and presented his hand with nervous excitement. Sarah was thankful for his profile appearing in her vision.
“Dr. Valentine!” Sarah said, shaking his hand after shuffling her helmet in her arms. “It’s a pleasure to meet you!”
“Likewise! I’ve been following your work for a few years now. I’m excited to be working alongside you!”
“A few years, huh? I haven’t really done anything of note for a while.”
“You wrote a paper on the mega-insectoid colonies in Epsilon Cygni.”
“It was more of a blog post... But thank you!” Sarah said with a laugh. “I concluded that I didn’t really have the expertise necessary to say much about them.” Sarah then motioned to her helmet, and Dr. Valentine moved behind her to assist. After she slipped the helmet over her head, she looked at the xenobiologist, who was patiently waiting for the right moment to introduce herself. Sarah continued. “In fact, I think Dr. Matanzas here is much more qualified to speak on them than myself.”
“You flatter me.” The woman said with a flat tone and a gentle smile. She rose to her feet and shook Sarah’s hand. “We were actually just discussing that a moment ago. I’d be glad to discuss at length sometime, but honestly, I prefer to peek through the lens of non-biology fields such as yours.”
With the group’s assistance, Sarah was able to button up quickly, and surprisingly comfortably for being assisted by complete strangers. Sarah didn’t care that Matanzas was technically speaking Spanish, as they were all speaking Sarah’s first language, Science. Like children talking about their favorite cartoons, the three began discussing the mega-insectoids, completely forgetting about the expedition they were minutes from embarking on until an old, rugged man with heavy cybernetics and a deep scowl called out to the bustling crowd of scientists.
“Attention!” He yelled, as if he were speaking to a room full of soldiers. The scientists didn’t respond as quickly, but still turned to listen. “In a few minutes, we will arrive in orbit above our destination, then scout out a few locations before landing and setting up camp at the base of one of the structures. Each team will be assigned two security officers.” The man motioned toward the line of walking tanks standing along the side of the room. “For your safety, remain within contact range of security at all times.”
The man waived his hand, sending the security assignments to each of the team leaders, then walked away from the podium without another word. Sarah read off the names of the officers assigned to them.
“Lieutenants Christina ‘Jax’ Jackson and Geoffrey Horner.” As Sarah said it, she forwarded the info to her team. They were thankful to also have the two officers highlighted, as they would not have been able to identify and differentiate them otherwise. “At least they aren’t bots. I would have thought they’d just give us a couple of security drones.” After Sarah spoke, she saw Hugo roll his eyes at her.
“I dunno, there’s something to be said about a drone’s reaction time, accuracy, and target identification.” Valentine said. Hugo raised an eyebrow and pointed at him.
“I like this guy.” Hugo said, making Sarah laugh. Valentine noticed.
“I uh... wasn’t kidding. A computer’s reaction time is orders of magnitude faster than any human’s.”
“I know, sorry. My digital assistant just said something funny.” Sarah said. Both of her teammates gave her a blank look that made her begin to blush. “I... have a personified assistant with me pretty much all the time. Sometimes I forget that I’m the only one that can see him. I hope you don’t mind...”
“Oh, of course not! I’ve been known to take advantage of a personified assistant from time to time.” Matanzas said with a straight face, not immediately recognizing the sexual connotations of her own words.
“I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to share him.” Valentine said, but when he remembered how most people used their personified assistants, he continued. “Just as long as he’s not a scantily clad himbo or something...”
“No! No it’s nothing like that!” Sarah said with a nervous chuckle. “He’s mostly around to help with research and ease my anxiety.”
As soon as Sarah offered to share Hugo, it was accepted by both parties. He materialized in their vision and a sigh of relieve washed over them as they saw that he wasn’t a hypersexualized, mostly nude plaything. As they both accepted tactile feedback, Hugo offered his hand.
“Greetings, I am Hugo.” He said. He shook Valentines hand first, and when Matanzas followed suit, she paused while holding his grip.
“Hugo... Chanterelle?” She asked.
“I would say ‘the one and the same’ but that’s not exactly true...” Hugo said. Matanzas raised an eyebrow when she looked back at Sarah. Valentine began to recognize him as well.
“Your personified assistant is based on...-” Matanzas started to speak, but Sarah finished her sentence.
“My late husband... yes.”
“Oh, that makes more sense.” Valentine said. “For a second I thought you were into...” He paused, reconsidering his thought process. “I’m sorry for your loss.” Valentine said with Matanzas mirrored his sentiment.
“It’s okay, I appreciate it.”
The conversation was interrupted by a countdown appearing on the main display at the front of the room. Sarah’s tension grew as the countdown grew closer to zero, but she was already feeling comforted by the presence of her new team. Even so, Sarah had to take a seat in the nearest chair, and gripped the arms with white knuckles.
The transport shut its’ apertures and cleared the dock. The screen displayed a beautiful view of the Milky Way behind the countdown. Once the timer reached zero, the view instantly changed to that of a bright red planet with black oceans from orbit. The room was speechless, even though it was virtually identical to the view they had received from the probe. In fact, there was nothing that indicated that they had even moved beyond the change in the display. Still, the silence in the room was palpable until a few scientists moved closer to the display and started discussing what they were seeing.
From orbit, through a digital display, the structures were already visible as conspicuous black spots against the deep red color of the land. The transport moved in towards one of the planet’s frozen poles and into the atmosphere without resistance. The room was already bustling with scientists already getting to work. A meteorologist shared live atmospheric readings to the group as he analyzed them. An oxygen rich atmosphere was met by a few excited cheers from some of the scientists who hadn’t seen a real sky in years. They knew it would still be a little while before they knew if they could safely exit their environment suits, but the microbiologists were already at work scanning for potentially hazardous airborne organics. A botanist also joined the fervor as they flew over thick, black forests. Dr. Matanzas eyes lit up with images of the exotic plant life.
Along with the virtual displays being shared by everyone, a real time map of the planet’s surface appeared in the center of the room and quickly began to fill with the pins of future expedition location requests. Soon, the forest below gave way to an expansive deep red desert. The room watched in awe as the black monolith over the horizon continued to grow as they approached. Before long, the structure was encompassing the entire view area of the display. Just as everyone was getting worried that they were about to collide with the object, the transport began to circle it, gradually decreasing in altitude.
The structure was generally hexagonal in shape, but had many subdivisions, with the hexagonal shape and orientation remaining a primary feature down to minute details in a recursive design. There were apertures and separations in the structure all over the place, creating smaller structures jutting out or digging into the larger form. As the transport came around, the expedition map in the center of the room displayed the base of the structure with several points already marked as recommended primary base locations. The final location was put up to a vote, with Sarah’s team having a heavier weight, as they were the only team allowed inside the structure on the first expedition.
Naturally, Sarah’s team, and many of their colleagues, opted for the location that was closest to the largest ground accessible aperture, what the group decided was the ‘front’ of the building. Once a brief voting period ended, the votes were tallied, and the transport approached the selected location. All the scientists bunched up at the briefing room door and became immediately frustrated when they had to wait as the security team made their way out first in annoyingly ordinary fashion. Once out the door, security lined up at each of the airlocks, with the disorderly crowd of anxious scientists behind them.
The transport came to a stop, hovering less than a meter from the ground, then the smooth outer surface of the transport was broken by an opening aperture revealing the airlocks outer doors and extending ramps that smoothly sank into the soft sand of the alien world. After the groups finished the airlock exit procedure, the outer doors opened, and security exited with their weapons ready. The scientists were held back like a pack of hungry dogs ready to be released. Once security formed a perimeter around the landing site, the scientists were free to leave the transport.
As they dispersed onto the sand and rock, most were satisfied to sit directly on the ground and pull out their equipment to start working. Some paced the grounds, impatiently waiting for the technicians and automated machines to start setting up camp so they could do their own work. Sarah and her team approached the two security officers closest to the towering structure, the ones that were assigned to them.
“Dr. Donner.” Said a male voice coming from one of the large metal humanoids. Sarah wouldn’t have been able to tell them apart were it not for her interface giving him a nametag.

[Continued in Comments]
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2022.01.22 01:37 Throwaway563456356 My problematic neighbor

I rented a condo from an independent landlord a few months while I finish up school and while the neighborhood is relatively quaint as senior citizens and upstanding people, the space is unfortunately located between two very bothersome neighbors and will just be focusing on one of them for this post.
I am not yet a licensed healthcare professional with some diagnosing training (yet), but I strongly suspect the neighbor I share my bedroom wall with is suffering from something akin to schizophrenia. His concern seems to be rooted in the belief that this one nameless cop that theoretically lives in the apartment above him is trying to hunt him down and I think seize this condo that he owns. For example, whenever he goes outside and ensure nobody is around, he will turn around and yell at his building that "you can't keep bothering forever! Time is running out! I know it is!!" and then drive off. This has been happening at least since I arrived May. No one is coming. But I can at least tolerate this.
What I have a bigger problem with is that the building is old and the walls are thin and will at least go on a couple tangents a DAY where he gets so mad at this alleged police officer that he shout these curses and obscenities in the same routine manner for literally a couple of hours before ending his fit of rage with him slamming his fist or another object into a wall or piece of furniture. It's severity has ebbed and flowed, but the past couple months have been a straight decline and has incorporated shouting racial slurs at the top of his lungs in this pattern of behavior. These sessions happen at all hours of the day and night, and I wake up at least twice a week because of him yelling the hard r among other things. I am also certain he lives alone and again supposedly owns his place.
The white noise machine I use helps but I am embarrassed to bring my gf and friends over and it is not hard to overhear him. I also obviously also don't like it from a quality of life standpoint and hate hearing these awful things. I figure I could call for a wellness checkup but that is a temporary solution and likely only fuel this wild premonition. I could leave an anonymous note but that may also not solve anything. I could report it to my landlord but not sure what he would do especially since I am not sure what exact law/rule he is breaking and is unfortunately free to do whatever he wants in his own place. I feel like my hands are tied.
Don't get me wrong, I sympathize for the guy and am not trying to make fun of him, but I feel like I have some justification take some sort of action. I don't want to sue him or anything, I just want it to stop and enjoy the last few months of my time here.
TLDR; Likely schizophrenic neighbor shouts incredibly hateful things and goes in to manic rages that are within painfully easy earshot that makes my condo rental difficult to tolerate. Not sure how to proceed in a way that will long lasting positive effects.
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2022.01.22 01:37 ceekat59 Set of paintings I’m doing

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2022.01.22 01:37 Cindy_cringy Artemis vs. Orion

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2022.01.22 01:37 clockcomics The Mperor, me, color pencil and pen on paper, 2021

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2022.01.22 01:37 DRA6N Made a little holder for my lube and accessories.

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2022.01.22 01:37 shanedog27 Episode Help

Hello fellow murderinos! I’m looking for a hometown where Karen and Georgia read an email about a surveyor in/near Gary, Indiana who helps solve a murder. They could also discuss the surveyor in the beginning of a full episode? I think I met the surveyor’s son and wanted to share the podcast information. He seemed really excited! Thanks and SSDGM!!
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2022.01.22 01:37 pleasedontfollowm3-5 Remy Tidy

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2022.01.22 01:37 a_servant_ Why God Allows Evil

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2022.01.22 01:37 NoFoodAfterMidnight Damage Falloff and ammo website update

Website Here
There's a lot of new changes to the Website, including several big changes to the chart itself
I've redesigned the ammo chart to reflect the recent changes this wipe:
Removed Armor Damage % This was a rarely useful stat, that I think confused a lot of people about what it represented or did. It was a modifier to the armor damage dealt to armor, but the base armor damage is based on the pen of the ammo more than anything. It was only ever useful for comparing two ammos with nearly the same pen to see which would destroy armor slightly faster. It confused people, it wasn't that useful, and I felt the chart was getting cluttered so it's gone now.
Added Recoil +/-% Ammo recoil hasn't actually worked properly until this wipe so it hasn't been relevant until now. It is in %. It is not a flat change.
Added Effective Range So this is a sort of made-up stat to give a good representation of damage falloff. This is the distance at which a bullet has lost 25% of its total damage and pen, measured in meters. This stat does not take into account changes to muzzle velocity from the gun. Muzzle velocity changes produce complicated changes in damage falloff, so don't go looking for increased velocity guns just for less damage falloff.
Added Maximum Headshot Distance This is the maximum distance at which a bullet can do 35 damage. This stat does not take into account changes to muzzle velocity from the gun.
These range stats were far more relevant a few days ago before they changed damage falloff, but they're still a nice to have I guess.
Here's a larger list of other features added over the last month:

Graph View added: You'll be able to cherry pick the ammos you want and use the buttons below to understand what classes they defeat Ammos can now be compared Ammos that are not available on the flea market will have a special indicator Live flea market prices column Ammo blocks are now collapsible Sortable columns (descending/ascending order) (Beta) Traders restock timers Hovering on the ak47 gun will show a tooltip listing all guns that use that specific ammo category Hovering on the headers will provide you with additional informations about that column Page will now load much faster Improved mobile UX Fully responsive styling. Colours palette and font updated 
The website is run by FiloDreamz, so thank him for the sick site.
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2022.01.22 01:37 sundude05 Homeland vs. primary expertise

View Poll
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2022.01.22 01:37 bladestorm1745 Special structure weapons/armour

What I’m about to say might sound pretty ridiculous.
So minecraft dungeons exists and has so many unique and cool weapons. While using iconic weapons that are already in minecraft like the diamond sword and pickaxe, there are many new ones as well.
My proposal is that structures and chests should be able to hold loot and certain weapons with unique rarity.
For example the weapon would have a gold background in your inventory slot.
A couple weapons that are reasonable to add could be:
Firebrander: An axe with fire aspect that deals twice the fire damage Found in: blacksmiths, desert temples
Hunters promise: a bow with inherent increased power and range Found in: skeleton dungeons, woodland mansion
Whispering spear: a trident with extreme knockback upon being thrown at an enemy Found in: Buried treasure, shipwreck,
Dark katana: a sword that deal increased damage with critical hits (more than usual) also has sweeping edge built into it Found in: Stronghold, fortress
Harp crossbow: a crossbow with multi shot that fires in 5 directions instead of 3. Found in: illager outposts, bastion
These are just a few ideas and the weapons can have enchantment books applied to them. If the unique enchantment they have is already an enchantment in the game and is applied using an anvil it will max out as its normal way.
For example: applying fire aspect 2 to the firebrander makes it still fire aspect 2 but with the bonus of twice the burning damage.
The only problem with this is how overpowered these weapons would be in the early game which is why they should be extremely rare. I would say almost as rare as a E-gapple.
What do you guys think?
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2022.01.22 01:37 YesterdaySuperb993 More scrapped fnf concepts remade

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2022.01.22 01:37 cannedbutter2342 After many many hours of grinding Wolfpack, I finally have my first piece of elite gear

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2022.01.22 01:37 Nexteri I can't find ps3 CFW tools anywhere???

Seems all the links are dead. No matter where I look online I can't find it, like sony or someone made an effort to wipe it from the web. I dunno.
I'm trying to encrypt a folder and make it a .pkg file. It's a DLC that I want to install onto my ps3... Because it seems like you need it to be in .pkg format for it to work? And as far as I'm concerned the only program that is capable of doing that is ps3 cfw tools
Sorry, I'm so deep down this rabbithole, I'm confused. Help.
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2022.01.22 01:37 rocksandlsd Erotic choose your own adventure with a circus theme

My friend is trying to find a book that she said she read incessantly in late high school (2012-2014) that was a choose your own adventure styled book about a circus, however it was also an erotic novel.
She doesn’t have any other details and all of our Google searches are coming up void. I vaguely remember this book but feel like it may have been a fever dream, but she is positive it was real.
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2022.01.22 01:37 GreamyBlade After 1.17 and 1.18 no one using you. Not even wattles!

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2022.01.22 01:37 OriginalGordol What connection is it waiting for? My WiFi is working, and so is my cellular data.

What connection is it waiting for? My WiFi is working, and so is my cellular data. It's been doing this for over 5 minutes now. Earlier, for more than 10 before I rebooted as the only way to get it to stop.

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2022.01.22 01:37 throwawaylilonstich [SPOILER ch. 1037] The reason why cipher pol is being brought back into the story, and, what Roger might’ve found at Raftel

To start I want to point out I’m operating under certain assumptions.

  1. Devil fruit users only learn names based upon what their power is, not from the devil fruit telling them.
  2. Oda is currently in the process of wrapping it up quickly as possible
  3. One piece will follow typical Shonen storytelling (Luffy is joyboy chosen one etc)
Ok. First I don’t understand why nobody is pointing out what seems so painfully obvious to me. Franky had the plans to an ancient weapon. Nico Robin is the only known person who can solve the void century. These are two of some of the most dangerous people in the world in the WG’s eyes.
Lucci had them both. BOTH. Not only did he lose them to Luffy, he let Luffy, a low tier pirate at the time, destroy the entire judicial Island. Lucci is now a leading figure in CP0.
Who’s who lost a seemingly low tier paramecia fruit to an Emperor and was imprisoned......... I believe Lucci’s character was brought back recently to emphasize this point, the difference in consequences of their failures. The implication being Lucci’s failure wasn’t worthy of much punishment and Who’s Who’s failure was worthy of imprisonment in impel down.
I have a few theories as to why Who’s who was punished based upon the latest chapter and the knowledge that the gomu fruit is one of the only fruits visually identified in the fruit encyclopedia.
I believe Roger found the Gomu Gomu no mi at laughtel. I do not believe the fruit is the one piece. I believe the fruit is some kind of mythical fruit that has a semblance to a fire deity, hence Luffy being alluded to as a deity in Wano in the manga, and a fire God in the Anime. I believe this was JoyBoy’s fruit, joyboy having gone down in legend as the sun God Nika. I have a reason for this.
After Roger left Laughtel and before he was captured he sat down with WhiteBeard and they had a conversation about what he found there.
Roger also knew upon arriving there that despite Roger being the first to arrive in almost 800 years that he WASNT the reincarnation of JoyBoy. Why?.
Roger left Laughtel and told Raleigh that he felt his son would be the one to return there at the appointed time.
So, imagine this, Roger knew the fruit was of the Sun God or some similitude, planned on giving it to his unborn son, and told Whitebeard about it. The fruit, the legend of Joyboy, prophecies etc.
Some 18/19ish years later Whitebeard finds Roger’s son... wielding fire. Whitebeard assumes Roger succeeded in having his son eat JoyBoy’s fruit (despite Roger dying before ace was born). Make sense now? Everyone would’ve assumed the Sun God fruit was the mera mera no mi. Rogers son wielding this fruit would only add to their confirmation bias this the reasoning behind Whitebeard planning on making Ace the pirate king.
Whitebeard seeing Ace died realized that someone still has to fulfil the prophesy and sent everyone after the one piece again with his final words (he also ordered his crew to save Luffy but I imagine it was more out of respect than Whitebeard just magically realizing Rubber boi has the correct fruit).
Back to cipher pol though. We know it was cipher pol who was sent searching for Roger’s lineage. Never finding anything do you think the intel organization or the gorosei would stop looking?
Until 10 years ago (headcanon) a cp9 agent reports he’s found a fruit that resembles the legendary fruit that the gorosei have changed the name of in the encyclopedia. On his way to deliver it to the Elders he gets stopped by Shanks’ crew. By accident? Doubt it. If Roger took that fruit from Laughtel then shanks knew about it from their return voyage and crew disbandment.
If this fruit really is legendary and Shanks was aware of all the prophecies etc then we can assume he was given the strawhat and the duty to look for Roger’s heir. Knowing it’s not himself, shanks doesn’t eat it, saving it til he could probably find Ace. Until a little boy eats it behind his back.
I’d like to ask you guys. Does a little boy saying he wants to be a pirate deserve the pirate King’s former strawhat just for saying he’s gonna be strong? A strawhat that we KNOW bares significant meaning as Imu has a large one. Or did Luffy eat a fruit of legend at just the right point in history and shanks recognized that he was most likely the child of prophecy and decide to give up his arm and strawhat to him?
Who’s who is probably punished for A.) losing the potentially most valuable fruit in the world. B.) treason. They probably expect he either lied about finding it or plotted with Shanks to keep it with an elaborate coverup. Any other theories here are welcome.
Regarding the latest chapter and why the gorosei would just now be figuring out Luffy has some legendary fruit. Red Hawk and Gear 4. I don’t imagine the Gorosei are immortal, they’ve probably heard about the fruit through stories passed down. This shows why there’s arguing among them about the fruit itself. Some probably believed the gomu fruit was nothing more than rubber and the rumors were fake they chose to believe it was genuinely a rubber fruit because surely a Sun God fruit would display more properties of a Sun God, not just elasticity. They probably felt the fruit was properly named and the fruit of legend is something else yet to actually be found. No need to believe the gomu gomu no mi was improperly named since Luffy was legit only using rubber abilities. No sun god characteristics in sight.
Until Luffy starts whipping out fire fists. Forcing the gorosei to start having to discuss the possibility that Luffy has actually eaten the fruit they feared and jumping around looking like a “deity” and throwing hands with the strongest creature.
I’ll also add...Rayleigh probably doesn’t just train anybody and seems pretty confident Luffy will make it. Curious if Rayleigh coached Luffy on red Hawk.
Again I’m operating under the assumption that Oda really is following through on wrapping the series up relatively soon and not in another decade. It’s painfully obvious Luffy is JoyBoy or will fulfil JoyBoy’s promise. Oda has also confirmed he’s known since the beginning what fruit Luffy has and how the series will end.
Kaido and Big Mom falling here will create a massive power vacuum that I believe will directly transition us to the next saga. I don’t believe there will be another big build up and new mystery to solve. Oda is probably going to continue using the snowball he’s been rolling since punk hazard. This would mean it’s about that point in the story that Oda would be wrapping up mysteries not creating new ones. Starting with Luffy’s claim to the throne when Roger himself felt he wasn’t the right person of legend.
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2022.01.22 01:37 thatlazyguy91 Talking to the moon...

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2022.01.22 01:37 jabbathefett54 Fallout 4 companion brawl

I was wondering what would happen if each companion in fallout 4 were to fight. Now I'm going to list the companions below and maybe you could answer this question for me.
Preston garvey Age 27 Served with minutemen Armed with 2 crank laser musket
Cait Age 27 Formally slave Armed with baseball bat and drugs
McCready Age 22 Formally gunner now lone merc Armed with hunting rifle
Dogmeat Age unknown Currently dog Armed with teeth
Codsworth Age 211 Currently butler Armed with flamer and buzz saw
Danse Mental Age 30 Currently bos Armed with T-60 power armor and laser rifle
Hancock Age unknown Currently mayor Armed with double barrel shotgun
Curie Age unknown Currently nurse Armed with buzz saw and laser
Deacon Age unknown Currently railroad agent Armed with hunting rifle
Strong Age unknown Formally part of fists group Armed with a sledge hammer and pip rifle
Nick valentine Age unknown Currently detective Armed with pipe revolver
X6-88 Age unknown Currently Institute courser Armed with Institute laser rifle
Ada Age unknown Currently alone Armed with laser and robo hand
Porter Gage Age unknown Worked and works for raiders Armed with handmade rifle
Old long fellow Age unknown Currently old Armed with lever action rifle
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